Which would you choose for your daughter?

  1. I would like to buy a special bag for my daughter. She's a freshman in college and is doing so well I would like to treat her to a great bag for Christmas. She hasn't asked for one but enjoys borrrowing mine. :smile: Would you choose a Monogram Canvas Sac à Dos Bosphore, Montsouris MM, or a Mountouris? Which do you think is most functional for a college student?
  2. i would say the Coussin GM or a speedy 30:smile:
  3. Popincourt Haut
    MC Noe
    Speedy 30
    Ellipse Sac A Dos
  4. how about a tote like the Batignolles Horizontal or Popincourt Haut?
  5. All 3 that you suggested look good to me for a college freshman. I think the Bosphore might become more useful than the others, because she could find many other uses for that one even after college. Plus, I think that one would be more comfortable to carry at school. Wow, you are a generous mom!
  6. Thanks! Hmmm, I never considered a "tote". I was just thinking backpack. Now I really have a tough decision!
  7. speedy or batignolles!
  8. I gave my 23 y/o daughter, who is also in college, the Montsouris MM last year for Christmas...she LOVES IT
  9. My 11 year old wants a Speedy 25! I would say a BH would be perfect for a college freshman!
  10. ITA, bosphore is new, hip and perfect for college, I think.

    Hard to go wrong with cabas mezzo, too.
  11. I love the Bosphore for a college freshman! She'll use it all throughout her college years for classes; and there will be many uses for it afterwards.

    Last December I was flying home and there was a college student flying on the same planes I was. She had an LV backpack (I couldn't tell you which one!) and she looked so classy with it. I don't recall seeing a handbag with it, so she was probably using it as one, too.
  12. popincourt haut or Coussin GM
  13. I'd go with a BH or PH, even a speedy 30 would be practical.
  14. popincourt haut, speedy, or pochette accessoire. in all honesty, i don't think a backpack style would be popular among college age girls.
  15. Sac à Dos Bosphore or Montsouris for sure!!!:love: Two of the best bags to use as school bags!!!