which would you choose for each need?

  1. only one of each:




  2. shoulder: petite bucket mono canvas

    handheld: speedy 25 epi (got it!)

    tote: vernis brentwood

    le: cherry blossom retro
  3. handheld: speedy...25 or 30

    shoulder: noe

    tote: no idea

    le: cerises (speedy)
  4. hmmmm...

    handheld: speedy 25 in mono (hehehe)

    shoulder: popincourt haut

    tote: salyea pm in damier

    le: panda vavin
  5. shoulder: LH or BH
    handheld: Speedy Azur 30
    tote: Antigua
    le: Alizee
  6. does it have to be LV?
  7. shoulder: mono petite bucket

    handheld: mono speedy 25

    tote: damier saleya PM

    limited edition: brown CB papillon

    and, evening/clutch: pomme roxbury drive
    (I figured this category belonged as well)
  8. Shoulder: Green Perfo Musette

    Handheld: Nomade Lockit

    Tote: blue Monogram Eponge Cabas

    LE: Trompe L'Oeil Le Fabuleux
  9. shoulder: BH!!
    handheld: Speedy 30!!!!!!!! :love: :heart:
    Tote: Mezzo/Aurelia MM Wh. (not sure..) :confused1:
    LE: Cerise :heart:
  10. Jane, can you wear your saleya pm on shoulder?

    Here is my list
    handheld: speedy 25 epi

    tote: ?

    le: cerise
  11. shoulder: Noe (any size)

    handheld: Speedy 30 (got it)

    tote: Poppincourt

    le: Anything from the CB Line
  12. shoulder: BH
    handheld: Damier Speedy 25 or Damier Pap 26
    tote: ?
    le: Sophie
  13. I can, but I am petite. It's not terribly comfortable, I would only do so briefly. I like it as a handheld bag.
  14. Thanks!
  15. s: bh
    h: mini lin speedy
    t: vavin gm
    le: miroir speedy