Which would you choose for a new City: Tomato or Sienna?


Which color should my new City be?

  1. Tomato

  2. Sienna

  3. Reach the *Zen* state of mind by not getting either

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  1. After hearing great things(for me) about Sienna(check out my other thread:"Any thoughts on Sienna?":smile:), I'm really tempted to get this color.

    The thing is, I can only get one bag right now, and I've been waiting to get a Tomato City. I'm in looove with Tomato(thanks to hmwe's fab. pics), but rusty brown/cognac brown is the favorite shade of brown for me. I broke my ban to get my beloved 03 Olive Brown City(to match my WE), and since I allowed myself to get 2 bags, I can only get one:crybaby: Which should I choose?

    To make your decision(for me:p) easier, this is me:

    I have roughly 25 Bbags, mostly pieces from FW04 and earlier.
    For motorcycle bags, 6 of them are brown, and 1 red (Grenat).
  2. If you have 6 brown and only one red (and a dark red at that) then I think the decision is easy: tomato baby!
  3. ^^ I agree with Beauxgoris and think Tomato sounds yummy and like a good choice!:tup: Pls don't forget to post pics, Tooshies!:yes::heart:
  4. i agree... doesnt sound like you need to add another brown to your collection ;) go for the tomato.
  5. :whistle::whistle::whistle:
  6. Tomato!!!
  7. Tomato!!!!
  8. What she said! :yes:
  9. Tomato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. it sounds like it's time for the red, but you really want brown
    go with your heart
  11. You already have six brown motorcycle bags? You don't even need to ask this question!

    TOH-MAH-TOE, already! :lecture:
  12. Wow, Tomato is winning by far!!!!!!

    So everyone agrees that I should get Tomato instead??
    The reason why I'm drawn to Sienna is because I LOVE browns(well, obviously), and this orangish/reddish shade I don't have.

    I have: 03 Mastic First, 03 Olive Brown City & WE, 04 Marron Twiggy, 06 Truffle City, and 07 Cafe Work.

    So I got psyched, when I saw the pic of Sienna because it's the perfect shade of brown(LOVE cognac browns:heart:)for me.....but you guys are right.
    I should just stick with Tomato.....right? Oh, damn, this is hard!!!!!! Wish I could get both.....:crybaby:
  13. tomoto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Tooshies : Tomato for sure since you have so many brown bags....:tup:
  15. Believe it or not, I'm torn. I love the Sienna too and it is different from all the other browns you have. Do you think you'll wear the tomato? It sounds like you like neutrals and tomato is a bright vibrant red. If this is the red you've been waiting for, get it. Otherwise, I say, get the Sienna and hold out for a Red like RT or 03 that's a little more subdued. I'll vote when you respond.