Which would you choose? bal or bv?

  1. Given the fact that both bags are within your budget and both of them are attainable at this moment in time, which would you choose?

    an 06 lilac day?
    a poudre BV cocker?

    I love both bags but I cant get both!
  2. 06 lilac day! I dont like BV bags myself
  3. Lilac Day
  4. His-angel,i would go for the lilac day. Love lilac! X
  5. Lilac day. I love BV bags, but I really don't like the Cocker.
  6. Both are gorgeous but at the risk of being called a traitor I do like the BV bag in that it could be dressed up and down. Also do you want a bag with loads of room, cos' the day carries tons though IMO it looks best when it is not filled to the brim - I do love mine. In the end though can't go wrong with either.
  7. Oh.. this is right up my alley... I was a former BV addict t:huh:. Both bags are wonderful bags..especially the beautiful soft pink color of the Poudre just makes yah melt~! The Lilac is a beautiful color as well. I would have to say.. if you're looking for a more relaxed look.. the Lilac Day would be a great everyday bag.. and it wouldn't get dirty as quickly as the Poudre Cocker might.

    If you're looking for a more dressed up casual bag... the BV Poudre cocker would be great. However, having had a light colored BV before in Limo... it's difficult keeping it clean. I do have to say that BV's nappa leather.. imo... is the softest ever... but light colors for me are hard to keep clean &wouldn't be worth the stress.

    Do you like the way the cocker hangs though? It doesn't keep its shape once its been broken in. Hope that helps.. keep us posted! :yes:
  8. Is it the woven cocker or the plain leather one? If woven then I would go for that without quuestion :tup:

    I am a Balenciaga and Chloe fan first and foremost (although I love BV *almost* as much) but the woven Cocker is awesome! Maybe as well this is because 06 Lilac is not one of my fav Bal colours/leather :push:

    Just my opinion of course :heart:
  9. BV-most classic and the cocker is great....I have one in ebano...

    but i do love Bal too...
  10. 06 lilac day is beautiful...although the cocker is gorgeous as well...damn, I'm not much help at all! Sorry!!
  11. I am afraid of the nappa leather getting dirty but i keep telling myself that i have enough bals haha .. its the regular cocker not the wonev one (toooo expensive for me!!) ... ahhh this is a toughy!!!!! keep the suggestions coming!!
  12. I love both bags but i prefer bal
  13. lilac day!... definitely prefer Balenciaga :yes:
  14. Hmmmmm...not a fan of BV so definitely Bal!
  15. thanks everyone!!! Still deciding!! I will let you all know what I do buy :smile: