Which would you choose and why??? EVA OR BLOOMSBURY???

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  1. I'm torn between these 2 bags and would like to know which would you choose between the 2 and why???
  2. Well i have both and can tell you i love them so much but If i had to pick one i would chose Bloomsbury. Eva is great for nights out . But Bloomsbury holds much more and can be great for day trips, mall trips , running errands etc. Its all around my favorite cross body bag ever. So it depends on what you are looking for. Ifs it is a small clutch/ cross body go with Eva, If its just a great roomy cross body bag go with the Bloomsbury.
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    Funny you should ask... I love the eva and wanted her forever!! Went in, bought her and returned her a few days later. When I was at the store (to buy the eva) I tried on the Bloomsbury (big mistake). Couldn't stop thinking about her. Although I still love the eva and may get her down the line, I realize for my lifestyle the Bloomsbury works as my (almost) daily bag. Apparently I carry a lot of crap - I'm a mom ;)Eva is waaaay prettier and dainty IMO, but for right now she just wouldn't work for me and I'd hate to own another bag I rarely use. Hope this helps!
    Also- size wise- kinda felt the Bloomsbury was more spot on proportion wise. :tup:
  4. Depends on your lifestyle. If you don't carry much, go with Eva! If you are more casual and often carry more than essentials, Bloomsbury is for you
  5. i agree 100%
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    Also- I plan on getting a mini pochette (for other reasons) but I tell you what- she's so cute- like a baby eva that will have to tide me over for now :amuse:
  7. Thank you ladies for your insight!!!! I also purchased the Eva, ended up returning it but wonder if I made the right decision. I got a great deal on a MIF bloomy in like new condition with box, dustbag, receipt, tags for under $950 made in 2014 so I jumped at the opportunity but just second guessing. I can return the bloomy if it doesn't work out but wanted some advice from you lovely enablers :smile:
  8. I own both of these bags . I use my Bloomsbury more because it holds more and I love having a cross body bag that sits perfect against my hip. I use my Eva more for evenings out. I never use the strap because its to long on my 5'1 frame . good luck :smile:
  9. bloomsbury, more room
  10. Definitely the EVA I have it and love it :smile:
  11. I have Eva DE and LOVE it! I also have an Odeon PM, it's a great crossbody! I reserved a Bloomsbury last month and when I went and tried it on I was disappointed. It just didn't hug my body the way the Odeon does. It didn't lay right on me, would have never guessed it!
  12. This is what I'm afraid of as I purchased it without trying it on in the boutique first. It was a good deal so I took a chance, but I can always return it and repurchase the Eva though. It will arrive on Monday so I'll see how I like it.
  13. May I ask how tall are you?
  14. I'm 5'6.
  15. Yes! Agree :smile: