Which would you choose? 1 Hermes Birkin or 4 Chanels?


Choose 1 option only.

  1. 1 Hermes Birkin

  2. 4 Chanels

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which would you choose?
  2. I voted Birkin because I think everyone should have at least one. But I should have asked you first if you meant returning your Chanels, or that you would be putting off purchases of Chanels in the near future?
  3. For me, the Birkin maybe because there is no Hermes here so it is REALLY hard for me to get.
  4. I voted Birkin too, because I already have four Chanels, and I would like to have a Birkin someday.
  5. 4 chanels def. :yes:
  6. Chanel first THEN Birkin.. I can't have a birkin without owning 4 Chanels...
    Its impossible to skip a step in the brands ladder is it?
  7. Absolutely, positively 4 Chanels. Not a big fan of Hermes (sorry all you Hermes lovers).
  8. Well said!
  9. I don't find any Hermes items attractive at all, so my answer is CHANEL!
  10. I voted for Birkin since I already have my Chanels and getting a Birkin is inevitable for me.
  11. BIRKIN first!
    You can buy a Chanel every day, but the waiting for the orange box has something sexy. I only get this sensual overload with a Birkin.
  12. Id choose 4 Chanels over the Birkin. =)
  13. I can't imagine carrying a Birkin. It is just NOT my style. Waaaaay too serious for me. At least not yet anyway. You never know.........
  14. Chanel :smile:
  15. I am actually saving up/waiting for the right Birkin to come along, as I already have a few Chanels.

    I agree with totoro - the pull of the Birkin is inevitable!