Which would you choose - 05 Magenta or 05 Metallic Magenta?

  1. If you had the chance to buy a 05 Magenta or 05 Metallic Magenta, which would you get?:graucho:
  2. in what style? I would get the Magenta in pretty much any size, but the metallic magenta in a small size, like a shoulder or First.
  3. I would get 05 Magenta
  4. Another vote for Magenta. I have a Metallic Pink Box, and two Magenta bags a Box and a City. Although the Metallic Box has nice thick leather it is not as smooshy as my regular Magenta bags. I also think the Metallic bags are my special occasion bags, and Magenta can be used everyday. So if it is a everyday bag you want go for the Magenta, if you would like a special occasion bag go for the Metallic.

    I wish I had both bags for comparison for you, but I only have my two Box bags together...

  5. Magneta def, xx
  6. I would choose 05 Magenta.:smile:
    The Metalic is not my type. :push:
  7. Def Magenta
    i'm not i big fan of metallics, and i'm a lover of magenta so....
  8. metallic is not my thing either, esp as i got older. i find it really flashy now. it used to appeal to me and i'd wear metallics in v small doses. no offence intended to any metallic owners, please :flowers:
  9. magenta for sure... not a fan of the blingy metallics... except for pewter and bronze metallic though...
  10. Same here:idea:
  11. Metallics are not really for me, so therefore I would vote for the '05 Magenta!
  12. MAGENTA FOR ME :love:
  13. Magenta! I can't see using a metallic very often.
  14. Actually, I could really love both of them. But if I had the chance I would definitely grab the Magenta! Or I would REALLY probably get BOTH!:love::shame:
  15. Magenta... i dont like metallics besides pewter