Which would you buy?

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  1. Hi!

    Let me hear your opinion.

    Small boy in light pink or up in the air flap bag in navy.

    Which would you buy?

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  2. Personally I am not a fan of perforated leather goods and I have a huge bias for the boy bag. So I would pick the boy bag, plus the color is very cute.

    I think you should look at your current collection and see what colors and styles you lean towards more. Or how often you think it will go with outfits and occasions :smile:
  3. I would get the boy for the same reasons mentioned above.
  4. They have only the boy bag in small.

    I like the boy bag and the color is very cute, but I'm afraid if the size is too small and if I would really use it.

    Thak you for your opinion!

  5. Someone just posted an old medium light pink boy available from Saks in the authentic Finds thread. I would buy that one as it seems like you like pink color but worried small boy is too small
  6. +1 was just going to mention this in authentic finds.
  7. Up in the air, looks more like a classic. Depends on what look you want.
  8. I prefer boys over the up in the air flaps
  9. The pink boy is so beautiful!
  10. While I prefer the boy bag in style, I am a sucker for navy. I would go with the navy.
  11. #11 Mar 25, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2015
    I'm in Europe....
    I called a few boutique in France to ask the availability the boy bag today and all the boutique answered me that they can't tell me the availability of the boy over the phone because the boy is such a requested bag and I have to come to the boutique to know the availability.
    I just couldn't believe it.
    I can't fly to Paris if I'm not sure to get the bag.
    They used to transfer the bag and now they don't tell me the abailability of the bag.
    I don't know if the rule has been changed or it's just for now because of the price increase.
  12. Small boy
  13. The boy. No contest. I can honestly say I've never seen a pink from chanel that is as delicate yet unique as this one.
  14. Boy... I like how it is an edgy looking bag in a feminine color. Nice contrast.
  15. I am sorry about that, the same happened to me in these days... I was told by Chanel that this is a temporary decision due to the high demand due to price increase in the next weeks.