Which would you buy with a $1400 spending limit?

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  1. F3236A81-E15D-46E6-A6BD-92150558C7E5.png Good morning to all... this is LV related yet also YSL.. I figured this forum could help me as everyone has been so responsive and helpful with advice!

    I have a $1400 spending limit for a gift to myself and I can’t decide between the two. While both are so gorgeous especially in person, both have been tried on as well... they are 2 diff bags...

    I narrowed my final choices to the Alma BB or the YSL Matelasse Camera Bag... my style is casual, I am a mum and usually on the go. Which would you pick??

    Thanks in advance !!
  2. Alma BB
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  3. The Alma BB!
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  4. The Alma is definitely more casual than the YSL, but the Ebene pattern is still quite elegant. Honestly, the tassel on the Matelasse would drive me nuts as an everyday bag. But make sure you are comfortable with how the Alma bb strap is, many people don’t like how it misshapes the handles.
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    I have the alba bb in DE and love it but I would get tired of wearing it all the time. The YSL is also a nice bag; however I myself would prefer the Gucci soho disco bag over that bag. They are similar however that long tassel would probably get caught somewhere and rip off and I would be pissed. :biggrin:

    Good luck in your decision.

    (I guess I was no help):shocked:
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  6. Alma bb
  7. Get the alma BB!
  8. I'm not familiar with the material on the YSL and it doesn't look like a daily kicking around bag. My DE LV bags are my most laid back, worry free bags. Rain, Snow, flung baby bottle :lol: it's all good. And you can wipe it down and use for a casual but cute date night. The Alma seems to fit both while the YSL doesn't look casual.
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  9. I would say get the alma bb since the DE material would last you longer and it would also hold its value. Hope this can help you make your decision!
  10. Alma BB
  11. Depending on your height, you may have to go to a shoe maker and have the Alma BB strap cut and sewn to make it shorter-it looks ridiculous dangling below someone's rear end. Otherwise, it's a great bag. I think the YSL may be a safer choice depending on your wardrobe--those brown checks on LV (and I have 2 Ebenes) are sometimes hard to coordinate.
  12. I just recently got the YSL camera bag (black ghw) and it’s a beautiful bag and I think it’s wonderful for everyday use. I do agree with everyone who says the tassel is too long and annoying and wish it was shorter and attached.. but it is removable, so I guess that’s a plus. It also holds a lot of stuff in it. I’ve always admired the alma bb, but I don’t find it to be an everyday useful bag. My vote is the YSL!
  13. I vote YSL.. I love the shape and cuteness of the Alma BB, but I think you can fit more things in the YSL and is the strap is adjustable. If you think you might ever resell the bag, I would check which one holds its value better.
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  14. I would like to show some photos of instagram fashion accounts I follow wearing the YSL camera bag in case no one has seen it! Let me know your thoughts :smile: I previously owned a Gucci disco for 4 years that tremendously lost its shape and while I miss it, I would like to purchase something else. The tassel on this does not bother me at all as it is removable yet the Alma BB is also so gorgeous - it just looks quite dressy and I’m unsure if I can pull it off with casual wear. Ahhh, decisions!! Lol

    3734AEF5-BF33-4490-B326-BB73FED9B553.jpeg ED1FA95C-0735-412D-9CDB-4E16DBA94060.jpeg 04A2EFCD-4F3F-4089-9FDA-F006E846D52F.jpeg 505F102A-62AB-489B-B024-371DD0C2C7DF.jpeg
  15. YSL gets my vote.

    I have the BB but rarely use it. I love the look but I don’t like how the long strap attaches and it sticks out too far when worn crossbody.