Which would you buy - LV Pochette Metis or Chanel Boy?

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LV Pochette Metis or Chanel Boy

  1. LV Pochette Metis

  2. Chanel Boy - New Medium size

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I've been tossing around the idea of a slightly larger bag than my Favorite MM that is versatile enough to be worn either shoulder or crossbody. I've looked at the Pochette Metis (see my related post), but also like the Chanel Boy bag. They are both very similar in size and will hold about the same. I'm trying my hardest to limit myself to just one of them ;)

    I know this is an LV forum, but which would you choose?
  2. Boy boy boy
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  3. I like the métis a lot, but I LOVE the Boy
  4. Chanel Boy for sure. Thinking about getting one myself.
  5. Boy!
  6. Chanel boy
  7. I vote for the Metis cause I think it's so refreshing and I don't really like the style of the boy...
  8. +1:smile:
  9. Can you post a picture of Chanel Boy? I have no idea?...
  10. This is tough for me...Maybe the Chanel Boy. :P
  11. Boy all the way!
  12. oh Boy!
  13. Boy all the way
  14. Chanel Boy hands down.!
  15. Boy!