Which would you buy if you could only buy 1, knee high dress boots or nude pumps?

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  1. Ladies- my shoe wardrobe is nearly complete except for the lack of knee high, high heeled dress boots and nude pumps. Here is the issue. I have been looking for about 2 years for nude pumps and finally found a color that matches my skin tone (most are either too pink or too yellow). I have also been looking for a good pair of dress boots that fit my super tiny 12 inch calves. In the same week, I found dress boots that finally fit my calves.

    I have the ability to buy one...but not both pairs. I recently moved from the south where it was warm 70 degrees or higher 9 months out of the year to the NE part of the United States where winters will be very cold. I love both shoes but I can only buy one pair.

    If you ladies were in a similar position, which would you buy, the quintessential nude closed toe pump or 4 inch pointed toe zip up knee high black boot?
  2. The nude pumps. You really wouldn't want to wear dress boots on a NE winter day anyway, it gets too yucky out there ;)
  3. if you are in the northeast and would want to be warm and comfy.. i would probably say flat OTK boot?
    Now if you have this already.. then nude pump it is!!!
    High heeled boot - i have one pair that is still brand new... i think this could work only if im on a date night with DH somewhere nice and its at least fall/ winter but dry cold... all of the above don't apply yet maybe in another 5 - 10 years?.
  4. I use to live up north and use to wear boots all the time but now that I live in FL I almost never do. But if you moved up north I'd prolly get a nice pair of boots you can wear a lot when it's cooler out.
  5. boots....if you don't have a pair for the winter. a lot of ppl wear boots in the fall/winter. personally i can't wear pumps in the cold days...my feet shrink and it's just too cold...
  6. I'd take the knee high boots
  7. Of these two pairs, which ones are classics? Will the same design be made next year? If so, I would wait on the classic.
  8. Since you moved up to the north I would also say go with the boots!
  9. Knee high boots! I'd go flat over heeled for versatility.
  10. I assume the nide pumps will also be high heeled?
    If so given your comment about autumn winter I would go for the boots - but partly depends on whether you have other practical outdoor boots already?
    I also assume the boots you are looking at are leather rather than suede?

    So given all the above - I would still go for the boots, but then I admit to being biased.
  11. Since you are now in the NE you should get the knee high boots. During the fall/winter it gets very cold in the NE.
  12. Thanks ladies. Both shoes are classics IMO. I wouldn't say the boots are outdoor boots by any means. They are pointed toe leather 4 inch heel Jimmu Choo boots. The nudes are a classic 4 inch closed toe platform pump, also Jimmy Choo. Not sure if that sways anyone's opinion.
  13. I still think you should get the boots if you are moving up north...
  14. I think you should get the pumps, because you have been looking for the perfect shade of nude for a couple of years. You can always find nice black boots, and those sure aren't snow boots!
  15. For winter I'd go with the boots too. Though, nude pumps are such an essential that it depends on what other fill-ins you have in that department...I can see why it's such a tough choice!