Which would you buy? Graceful or Delightful

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  1. I have the opportunity to get either the delightful mm or the new graceful mm. Which would you choose and why? Thank you
  2. Always the delightful.
  3. Personally I like the Delightful better. Are you looking at monogram or DE?
  4. Look8ng at the Damier Ebene

  5. Delightful
  6. Delightful
  7. Definitely Delightful
  8. Another delightful vote. I just got a delightful pm in DE a few months ago. Love. Graceful pm felt like it had a shorter drop on my shoulder.
  9. Graceful. No wrinky vachetta on the edge to worry about.
  10. Anyone know if the strap drop is the same on the mm delightful and graceful
  11. Delightful!
  12. Graceful! I sold my mono DF for the Graceful and don’t regret it one bit. I didn’t feel there was a difference in strap drop between my two bags.
  13. Delightful
  14. Delightful, hands down. I'd rather have wrinkly vachetta than the potential possibility of cracked canvas.
  15. Delightful and totally agree with MyMelodyLV above! :smile: