Which would you buy and Why?


Which one would you choose for yourself??

  1. Purse number 1

  2. Purse number 2

  3. Purse number 3

  4. Purse number 4

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  1. I haven't made my mind up on anything yet but want to have an idea of what I really like before I go to the store. Since I live so far away from the store I'll need to pretty much have a few bags in my mind before I get there. So these are the ones I really like. Of course I've been known to change my mind but for now, if this was YOU....which would you pick and why?

    1. The Legacy in Chocolate,

    2. The Legacy in Denim


    3. Legacy Signature in Black and Khaki


    4. The Large Denim Carly (even though I don't have enough to put in it, lol)

  2. The ebony and khaki bag is IMO, something that can be used more, its more versatile, can be used in more than just a few seasons, etc.

    I love the carly, but you said you dont have enough to put in it, would you consider getting a smaller one?
  3. Cindy I actually thought about that but would have to see it in person. I don't see a smaller one on the Coach sight though.
  4. I vote for bag #5...the Carly in the chocolate! Or #1 or 3...I think they would go with a lot of summer outfits.
  5. The Carly in the Chocolate was my first choice but I am terrified of getting it dirty! TERRIFIED! The Legacy in the Chocolate looks like it would be much harder to get dirty which is why I changed my mind. I do like the denim though.
  6. yes, i would be terrified of geting it dirty as well.

    i like the signature fabric because for me, its easier to keep clean.
  7. i just saw the first one at dillards when i went to pick up a wristlet for my bf's baby cousin and it was SOOOO cute! I almost got her that material wristlet, but i doubt a 12 year old would like it! hehe now im kicking myself for not buying myself one!
  8. Since I already have a Denim Carly, I'd grab that Chocolate Legacy
  9. i dont wear anything denim ever so i would worry the denim would look off on me,,, and so i dont think i would pick one of the denim ones

    and the chocolate one is cute,,, but the white scares me and i love the turnlocks on the sig. fabric so i think that would be my pick :smile:
  10. :wtf: How can you live without wearing jeans?? I wear them every day. Amazing!

    As for my vote, I went with #3. It seems more classic to me. If not that one, then #1. For some reason I just can't get into this incarnation of denim. Normally I love denim, so that's weird for me.
  11. Legacy signature in black & khaki
  12. haha i know i am like the only person in the world who doesnt wear denim :smile: jeans just fit my body really weird ,, it sucks so i wear dressier pants or sweats and stuff i dunno Unless im going out i tend to wear the comfy clothes haha
  13. I would vote for chocolate.
  14. I would buy the (4) Carly Denim Bag in Medium if you wear alot of denim. I know that the Coach boutiques are not carrying it but you can get it at Dillards or Macy's. For second choice I would get the Legacy Denim Shoulder Bag. For Third Choice I would get the Legacy Shoulder Bag in Chocolate. 4, 1 and 3 in that order. Good luck deciding. By the way, I am getting a denim bag this year, just can't decide which one yet.
  15. I vote for either the chocolate or the khaki Legacy.