Which would you bring?

  1. Hi ladies, I'll be heading to Sydney in 3 weeks time for a week and I do not know which bag I should bring with me. :blink:

    There's sighteeing (including visits to the Hunter Valley and Blue Mountain), shopping and fine / non-fine dining. How would the weather be normally? Which would you bring if the choices are:

    32 HAC
    32 Kelly
    GM Evelyne
    Her bag

    We will not be hiring any cars but will depend on public transportation.
    Any idea?

  2. kelly as it is sooo versatile and sturdy! but at the end i would depend it on the kind of leathers. but also the evelyne could came handy if it is more of a wild trip since no handheld bag but on the other hand it is not chic so you need to bring anothere evening bag with you
  3. Hi, when traveling I love to have comfort and my hands free, so as much as I love all your bags, the evelyne to me would be most practical, esp, if you carry a city map, or keep your travel documentation with you:flowers:

  4. Exactly what I'd suggest as well. What color is your Evelyne?
  5. I vote for the Evelyne too. :love:
  6. If I remember correctly, it is a beautiful etoupe togo or clemence:tender: ...My Peko ?
  7. I think the Kelly or Evelyne, but probably Kelly more simply because that one can be hand-held and carried over the shoulder. So you'll have two different looks depending on the occasion.:yes:

  8. Yes, dear Avandome:flowers: .
  9. Thanks for all the advices.

    My only worry is the weather. I only know it is the coldest month in Sydney but have no idea if it rains in winter.
  10. Kristie.F is probably sound asleep right now but once she sees this thread, I'm sure you'll get a answer right away on the weather situation! I beieve she's not too far from Sydney......
  11. I go with the evelyne as well. I think it would be perfect for travel.
  12. I do not know what the weather there is like, but both, my togo and my clemence at different times got SOAKED! and both look perfect...so I still think you will be good with the evelyne, it's big enough to hold an umbrella if you need one, and the bag hugs your body...so it will be under the umbrella:yes:
  13. Thanks Shopmom411.

    The evelyne is in clemence and the kelly in chocolate epsom. If it will rain often, kelly must stay home. :shrugs: I heard that Sydney's winter is very dry, hope Kristie F. will confirm this. :sleepy:
  14. My vote is the Evelyne or the 32 Kelly. The Kelly is so wonderful for day trips with the shoulder strap and can also be an elegant evening bag.
    I'd also bring something like a Longchamp Les Pliages to throw your bag in if the weather gets to be too wet.
    Sounds like a wonderful trip!
  15. hello there Peko,

    I dont know enough about Hermes to advise you on what to bring, but My husband works for the Federal Department of the Environment and you can go to their website www.bom.gov.au (bom: stands for Bureau of Meteorology) and get all the details of the upcoming weather patterns is Australia state by state and region by region.

    Maybe it will give you an idea of rainfall paterns and expected temperatures