Which would work best as carry-on: RM MA or Botkier duffle?

  1. After reading all the posts singing the praises of both the Botkier Sasha convertible duffle and now the RM Morning After, I have to get one of these beauties. But which one? My plan is to use this primarily as my carry-on (justification, you see). Several times a year I take long flights (8-9 hours one way), checking my luggage, and use a carry-on to hold my wallet (and sometimes a purse), iPod, magazines, a blanket - the usual stuff for a long flight. But I also like a carry-on that can handle all the souvenirs I've bought for the flight home. The semi-soft carry-on I now use, which is just fine in size, is 15"w 10"h and 6"d (roughly measured this myself).

    The Botkier claims to be 17"w 16"h 5"d

    The RM claims to be 16"w 9"h 8"d

    Not sure if these measurements are true, and if either is better able to "stretch" with additional stuff, or able to "collapse" if not stuffed. As I know several of the tPF'ers have either or both of these, could I have some opinions? I really respect the views of you gals, so TIA!:heart:
  2. I have the Botkier Sasha duffle and used it primarily for travel. I don't have the MA but I've seen it IRL. I would say the smaller duffle is more comparable in size to the MA. The regular duffle (the original size) is bigger and slouchier, sat nicely on top of my roller suitcase when walking with it, is easier to carry because of the single strap option, and, IMO, is a better bag (IF you must choose, that is). But the MA is wonderful too...
  3. the rm looks more office to me
  4. at first glance id agree. botkier seems like it would be a better choice
  5. I have the RM MA and was thinking how great it would be for travel -- right now though I don't have the optional long strap (shoulder-strap) and though the round handles fit my shoulder perfectly fine, if it's much fuller (packed with souvenirs etc.) it may be harder to carry, just MHO. I'd say the Sasha because of the long strap...