Which would U pick? *A little long*


What would you do?

  1. Mono Stephen - it'll look TDF with patina!

  2. Leopard Stephen - LE... need I say more?

  3. Wait for the Cloud Bags, you can get the Leopard later on.

  4. Continue searching for the Adele, it's a better size.

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  1. I've told myself that after the Heart purses, I will NOT purchase anything until something really catches my eye.

    I missed out on the Adele when it came out and have been searching for one. THEN I saw the Mono Stephen on a friend and I fell in love with it after seeing it IRL even though I THOUGHT I hated the thought of vachetta on it.

    Now, my SA just called me on Tuesday to tell me that they have located a Mono Stephen as well as a Leopard Stephen but NO Adele still.

    The price of the Mono Stephen is half of what the Leopard Stephen costs but the SA tells me that the Mono Stephen is Seasonal whereas the Leopard Stephen was LE. (What's the diff actually btw Seasonal and LE?? I still can't quite understand?:confused1:) Also, my aunt has the Mono Stephen which she has suggested selling to me. I'm not too keen with the idea (Cus I don't really like her) but I don't want to offend her and have wrath to come during the impending Chinese New Year.

    If I buy the Mono Stephen, my bag budget is still pretty healthy for the Cloud bags but I am thinking abt the Leopard Stephen because it looks more luxe and is LE but obviously, I'm going to miss out on the Cloud bags.

    What should I do??? Will the Cloud Bags actually be more worth it compared to the Leopard Stephen or should I just wait out?
  2. hmmm thats a toughie...the leopard stephen is TDF, but you wont get any cloud bags....
    i still say get the leopard
  3. I am a sucker for animal print.

  4. Ok, so from what my SA told me...she recommended the mono Stephen because the leopard one will wear with constant use. She said if you use it a lot, the pony hair will wear away, as it will with anything that has pony hair on it.
    So anyway long story short, I recommend the mono Stephen.
  5. I agree with Rebecca. When I was in Hong Kong they had several Leopard Stephens that looked pretty worn. I think the Monogram Stephen is a better size anyways and just looks better overall! So now you know my opinion... ;)
  6. well you said one thing that worries me....which we be worth more...that's tough....much easier to pick what you love.

    I personally didn't care for the stephen IRL...to slouchy for me, but I know most people like that...

    what do you love?
  7. I voted for Mono Stephen. I'm a sucker for mono, and not a big fan of animal prints or the cloud bags. Mono Stephen will look good with or without patina. So there!
  8. :wtf:
  9. Yeah..sad but true. Pony hair is pretty delicate and if it's always rubbing against yourself when you're using it, the wear will be inevitable. :push:
  10. I like the adele..... lol
  11. :push:biggrin:o you suppose they could replace the pony hair??? :push::sad:
  12. Nah, I don't think they would.:sad:
  13. The other three choices seem okay, but I would NOT go with the leopard stephen. Is it really that practical? Like Rebecca said, if the hair falls off, how would you feel?
  14. I agree with the ladies here. Mono Stephen seems more lasting and classic. It's a great bag. I'd buy it if I had the $$$. I would say Mono Stephen + Cloud bag is a great combo. :yes:
  15. I tried the Leopard Stephen yesterday and the Cuir Embossed Polly, and yes, you girls are right... the Leopard Stephen is S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L.... >.<

    The leopard lined the bottom sides and it was inevitable that the ponyhair would have friction no matter which way I carried it...:sad:

    The cuir embossed Polly was GINORMOUS! I couldn't figure out how I could wear it, it's just so big... 0_o And also, very very stiff... the color was tuff to match too... the leather was a burnt orange and too delicate for me.. >.<