Which would u get?

  1. Okay heres the deal... my birthday is coming up and my brother said he would give me $1500 for whatever I want at Gucci...

    1. This "wave" large hobo with horsebit



    2. Gace large boston bag

    3.large horsebit hobo

    or something else that you think I should get :yahoo:
  2. I going to pick #1. I have the shoes and they are TDF!
  3. Definitely #1
  4. Nice brother! #1 all the way :yes:
  5. I like 2-but you get more for your money with 1
  6. Thanks ladies... heres the deal the total gift is $3500 but I am spliting it up $500 for a couple of new outfits
    $1500 Gucci
    $1500 Fendi Spy bag

    I think that sounds fair:yahoo:

    I have other things on my list but...

    I am buying the marc jacobs bag myself and the damier speedy 30 soo not too bad

  7. Go ahead with this one. You know you've been wanting it. :devil:

    Its SUCH a classic, iconic bag. The price has been going up every year, I remember when it was just $1150. But try it on first, its not for everyone.
  8. happy birthday!!!!!!!!
    I love number 1 and number 3. but I should probably go with number 1, love when bag and shoes match together!
    and waw what a birthday present, 3500 dollar to spend! wish I had a rich family :crybaby:!
  9. hehehe i love your post!!!! i was wondering the same thing....its pretty much a tradition in my house now, bdays come and i get me a few handbags! But my bdays not until may so im hoping something new comes out! :smile:

    As for your choices, I have choice number 3 and i LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEE it! But i see ALOT of people around my area with it, if i were u i would go with number two...its super cute and a little more original!!!

  10. #1 Imo!
  11. #1!
  12. Another vote for #1!
  13. go for number one, you get a handbag and a pair of shoes what else can you ask for :p
  14. I like #3!!
  15. Thanks ladies!

    I know that I struggle with my first love which is the large horsebit hobo and my love for the bag/shoe combo:shrugs: