Which would u choose?MC or Vernis


Which would u choose?MC or Vernis 4 key holder

  1. MC

  2. Vernis

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  1. Which would u choose?MC or Vernis 4 keyholder?
    Which is yr personal preference?
  2. I would choose Vernis cause it's really pretty but i would worry about it getting scratched in my bag so i would say MC .
  3. MC.. I think a keyring is the accessory that would receive most scuffing and abuse, and that vernis won't be quite as gorgeous once it loses that shiny sheen. :sad:
  4. MC gets my vote!
  5. The prints on the MC small leather goods are too small for me. I have a vernis flat pouch that I've used since February as an everyday coin purse and it's been holding up really well. My vote goes to the vernis!!
  6. vernis!!! I've got it in pomme since february and use it daily, I love it!!!
  7. So it stands up to the daily use quite well, you two? That would definitely make me think again on getting a piece...

  8. Will vernis lose tat shiny sheen easily?:crybaby:
  9. I'm really a mc-girl, but for keyholder I say vernis. Small vernis items are :drool:
  10. The vernis has fingerprint issues and I think it will be magnified with such a small piece.
  11. I :heart: MC!
  12. the Vernis keyholder is very pretty, but it wouldn't be practical for something you're going to use every day. the Multicolore one would be better
  13. Vernis.
  14. MC gets my vote.
  15. Mc