Which would u buy? 05 Twiggy or 07 City GH..

  1. Found a gorgeous 05 Twiggy Magenta.. But yet have yearned for the Violet GH in City or maybe Part time.
    Is the Leather that great in 05. What would you do? Need Advice Girls.
  2. Whoa. Good question. Me personally? The '05 Twiggy Magenta. But that's just ME. I don't particularly care for the GH so no offense to anyone who does....:heart: I love the Twiggy and that color is TDF.
    :shame: Besides, it's harder to find a wonderful '05 Twiggy in that color when the '07s are still hanging around, you know?
  3. I personally would want a violet, but if you've wanted a '05 magenta, then you should jump on that opportunity!
  4. I'd pick purple over pink anyday. But it would depend on the condition too- how are the handles?
  5. I'd go for the '07 Violet................
  6. I've been told the handles on the twiggy have darkened slightly but a scratch on leather near the handle. I love the style of twiggy though. R we allow to discuss the prices on this forum? Anyway not sure if its good price cause for the violet its 450 dollars more. I have a Black city, so looking for a Colour bag this time round. Had it my way i'd buy both...:p
  7. I'd go for violet, but that's because I prefer City over Twiggy. However, if you really dig the Twiggy, then I say go for the magenta. Jchiara has a good point about jumping on the '05.
  8. Buy the magenta. It's pretty in the twiggy style!
  9. i have both colors and love them both but i would pick my 05 magenta over my violet. don't know how the 08 magenta would look but you might want to wait for that one. it will be available in twiggy i am sure. anyways, you can't really go wrong. they are both great choices. good luck in your decision!
  10. violet :tup:
  11. 05 Magenta, without a doubt.

    The leather is stunning, the color is incomparable, and there aren't getting any younger :graucho: LOL

    I had an LE Magenta in hand and let it go in favor of finding an 05: there is just no compare (IMHO).
  12. I see the one you speak of! It's beautiful! Try some TKO Orange and perhaps the handles will lighten up all the way!

    BTW- that's a fricken deal!
  13. 05' - any colour lol.

    Go the 05 Magenta for sure!
  14. Thanks Girls you all are the best...Also a bad influence too.. I'll going to go for them both...Twiggy first, hope they are still there... and live on beans till next year now... I'm sure it'll be worth it:p
  15. I'd go for the Magenta only if it was in MINT condition!