Which would tPF choose?

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  1. Tory Burch Robinson satchel in red (think true fire engine red)


    Rebecca Minkoff Cupid satchel in red (think tomato red)

    Is a red bag essential in a purse wardrobe? I've read some complaints about the RM Cupid's hardware breaking. Appreciate your thoughts :biggrin:
  2. I ordered a Cupid recently and found the leather to be thin and the bag felt cheap. The bag was kind of cumbersome to get in and out if. I really like the look of the Robinson, but can't comment on quality. I'd go with the TB!
  3. Honestly both brands are known to have QC issues. I had a TB Amanda hobo which I returned after a few months of use due to the edges started peeling. I also had a cupid which I returned after about 6 months when the the shoulder strap broke. I don't mean to sound like debbie downer by telling you that. But I do recommend whichever you go for get it at either Nordies or Bloomies because both have such excellent return policy's. Hopefully you'll never have to use them but that you'll be covered if you have a problem down the line.

    As far as between the two bags I feel like the TB robison is a bit more polished looking due to it being more structured. Which every shape you go for the square or the dome both shapes are classic and will be timeless. The RM cupid has gorgeous soft smooshy leather. Which type of leather do you prefer? Which style would work better with your wardrobe? I'd go for the RM cupid because I like soft smooshy leather and is a bit more casual.
  4. Depends on what kind of look you want. The RM cupid is a more casual bag, like pixiejenna has said. The Amanda hobo is more structured, although it does not have a zipper top like the cupid.

    What do you anticipate using the bag for/carrying in it? The cupid can fit an ipad, but nothing bigger (i.e., no laptop). I'm not sure about the Amanda, although it appears to have a much wider mouth so it may make getting things in/out easier.
  5. Thx for the replies. Due to an over abundance of quality issues I read about on PF I decided to not get either. I'll wait for something else I really love.