Which would be the BEST BLACK BAG ???


Which one would you chose ???

  1. Balenciaga black "day"

  2. Balenciaga black "city"

  3. Mulberry black Bayswater

  4. Chloé black quilted Bay

  5. Chloé black non quilted Bay

  6. Other, please suggest...

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  1. This is rather a long shot since all my spare money goes into our summervaccation for now but this fall I really need/want a new black bag.
    I have a few on my mind but wanted to see which ones you guys would prefer.:yes:

    Balenciaga black "city"
    Balenciaga black "day"
    Mulberry black Bayswater
    Chloé black quilted Bay
    Chloé black nonquilted Bay

    or other???

    I want a practical everyday bag that can hold at least as much as the "city" and that can if needed be shouldercarried quite comfortably.
  2. I voted for the City in black. It's a great size for every day.

    Also would suggest the Hayden Harnett Triple Strap Satchel. I have that one in black and it's a really cool bag.
  3. From your list, I'd say either the City or the Mulberry Bayswater. Chloe is some heavy stuff!

    Not to be too much of a pseub echo :p, but you may want to take a look at Hayden-Harnett. The Hudson Triple Strap she mentioned is almost exactly the same size as the City, but lots less expensive. I have a HH black Havana Hobo and it is my one perfect big black bag.
  4. I voted for a black Day, since it is the easiest to wear on the shoulder.
  5. black city gets my vote :yes:
  6. Either the Bal Day or City, but if you want a shoulder bag, I'd definitely get the Day. :yes:
  7. i love my black city, so i vote for black city
  8. I voted 'other' only because I've found my definition of the perfect black bag:
    The Gerard Darel Charlotte/ 24 heures bag...!

    It can be carried on the shoulder or by the crook of your arm. I got it for $369 (much cheaper than the other options listed above!)
    I dont own any balenciaga or chloe or mulberry, so i cannot judge them.
  9. I voted City! I am getting that next, I'm hooked since I got my part-time.
  10. I just bought a Balenciaga Black City and the leather is TDF! You can't go wrong especially if this is the first B bag in your collection. Beware of the addiction factor!!!!!
  11. the City!
  12. They are all nice bags, I don't think you could go wrong with any one of then. Personally I love the Bayswater, but the City is a really close second.
  13. I just got a Michael Kors black leather Joplin bag. It is by far THE nicest bag I have ever owned. The workmanship is perfect and its absolutely gorgeous. The leather is thick and soft and I love the hardware on it. AND it was under $500 with shipping. I got it on bloomingdales.com. They have it pictured in the fatique color. I just ordered that one this morning. I am so in love with this bag.

    Just hoping my daughter doesnt borrow it, I may never get it back!
  14. i vote for either city or quilted bay!
    and what about Chanel?
    do you like cabas, baby cabas, or maybe GST or flap?LOL could you tell that i love Chanel...

    but i also love city!
  15. I vote for the City, or the Gerald Darel one another lady posted. I'm beginning to feel the need for that GD bag...