Which would be a good "vacation plane" bag?

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  1. ^^I agree. Planes are icky. I always carry a healthy back bag as a carry on. Lots of pockets and its big enough for all my things. (I do not cary a laptop). I will put a small Coach pouch inside the bag with my wallet inside. That way I have a nice Coach bag for hen I get there, but I do not have to worry about getting my lovely coachs dirty. They do ask you to stow your bags and I would freak if I had to put a Lily or Sabrina under the seat or even worse. Squashed in the overhead compartment.
  2. Eastern Mountain Sports is having a HUGE sale right now, and the T2 bags are included...not sure if you have one near you, but some info. nonetheless. :smile:
  3. It's interesting you bring this up now, because I was telling hubby that I may need another new bag for our upcoming trip, where we'll be flying and then renting a car and doing alot of driving. I told him that I don't want to take any of my leather bags for fear of getting dirty, scuffed, scratched, etc. I also don't want to bring any fabric signature bags for fear of getting dirty. So, I thought a perfect solution would be a HS coated canvas bag. Not overly heavy and super easy to keep clean. Valentines Day is coming, so I'm hoping he listened to me! And if he doesn't listen, I'll just have to do KattyKay's trick and buy it for myself and then distract him with some chick in a bikini or shiny motorcycle chrome.
  4. I'm really glad you brought this topic up! I'm going to be heading home from Japan soon... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! and I wondered the same thing about which bag to bring and which ones will be left behind and sent back to my home in Dallas. I will be flying by myself with my 19month old and my 3 month old, you guys think my Gigi would be ok? I just worry about getting it dirty, but then again, there's not many places you can get a bag dirty on a plane for 12 hours?? I also have my leigh I just got, it's already been used so that wouldn't be too bad either, I wouldn't be as concerned about getting her dirty. IDK?? What do you guys think!
  5. I was just thinking- no matter what bag somebody may choose to take on a plane ride, maybe it's not such a bad idea to have some kind of plastic bag, or maybe even one of those trader joe cotton bags, and if the stewardess asks to put your purse under the seat, you could put it in the cotton bag and then under the seat (at least untill she's gone :smile: ) Last time i flew, i was asked to put my bag below, and i pretended to do so, as soon as the stewardess left i picked it back up and hid it on my seat side... I can't put a $600 bag under my seat!!!!
  6. ha! that's a good one. i'll have to do that too!

  7. Like many of you, I have been contemplating the same thing. Me, hubby and my 2 kids (4 and 1.5) are heading to Mexico in March. I too don't want to bring something leather and expensive but it has to still be stylish and preferably coach. I agree with you that the HS totes are a good option. I might buy one as well. I just bought the HS diaper bag but I don't know if i want to take that along. I might do HS tote and skip hop diaper bag.
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    Based on the bags you described, I'd probably go with the Lily. We flew cross country a week ago from Cali to New Orleans (celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary :tender:) and I chose to carry my Espresso Julianne. I almost carried Gigi but she does not have a zip top. Also, I was able to carry Julianne crossbody and have two free hands to maneuver luggage, search for/hold boarding passes, etc. I kept her on my lap for most of the trip and when I HAD to set her down, I put my jacket under her. I'd rather have a dirty jacket than a dirty Coach bag...at least I can wash the jacket, lol. Even tho I have an HS sig tote in mahogany, I chose to carry an all leather bag because it's more neutral and again has a better zip top (the HS totes have spaces next to the top zipper).
  9. From your selection of the ones you'd want to use.. I'd say lily since like you said it would fit more, even though it will be kinda heavy.
    When I read your thread header i was thinking if I had to pick out of my Coach bags I'd use my large carly (which I only got recently after years of wanting it :love:)

    and I would DEFINATELY bring a large plastic bag to store whichever purse you pick incase I had to store under seat or over head(which isn't as bad.. but just to be safe!)
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    ITA with NorthStar!

    I have a black siggy Coach travel bag that is fairly large that I put whatever (numerous!) purses in that I am taking with me for the vacation (each in their own dustbags)
    I also put the full purse that am currently using in there along with it.

    Most airlines only allow two carry ons and some count your purse as one! Seriously.

    I have a seperate matching mini sig laptop bag for my computer...so those are my two carry-ons.

    Both of them togetherside by side will fit under the seat in front of me.
    I like to keep a close eye on them so that there is no chance of them growing legs and walking off.....
  11. I was actually thinking of taking my small/medium black leather Sabrina on the plane when I take a trip later this year. I can wipe the bag down, no worries.
  12. last time I went on vacation, I brought the Large Carly (that I sold :sad: ) I want another one.
  13. The last time I went on vacation I used my Black Signature Bleecker Duffle. It was perfect. The bag can fit a ton and it's lighweight.