Which would be a good "vacation plane" bag?

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  1. I find it kinda depressing that I have so many pretty bags, but I can't wear all of them at the same time :crybaby:...

    I m going on vacation soon and I don't know either which one to wear... My Metallic Lily would fit my mini laptop plus my purse stuff, but I LOVE my madison shoulder bags and of course the holy silver sabrina that is way to cute to wear in a plane, and all the other "older" bags that I have and love... I have sold a lot of bags on the bay that i didn't want anymore, or just was uncertain about, yet i still feel like i have too many to enjoy LoL... Even tho I love them I hate the fact that i always have such a hard time deciding which one... Weird huh?
    I seem to buy a lot of "stunt doubles" bkz i m worried that the first one is too light or too pretty etc... and I end up not using them as much after all... I feel like coach brainwashed me :nuts: I wasn't like this before coach. This undecided-ness is driving me nuts.

    Woud you guys take the madison spectator hob on a plane? it's got the white trim, but it's gray overall... it's my pink's backup as of yesterday :rolleyes:, where my lily is light metallic as well, but its got the compartments... hmmm... i cant decide... All of my bags are small, and I need a large one which i don't have, but i don't think i'll buy one just for a week of travel... I don't really want to use my carly or legacys, i m tired of them for now (thinking of baying them off as well) ... so which would be a good choice? I need a little tip here :smile:
  2. I would carry the Lily, it's a big enough bag for the flight!
  3. When I flew recently I took my Gigi, it held my macbook and all my extras :smile:
  4. I took my large sig carly last time, the lily might get annoying with the weight and stuff after a while in the airport.
  5. I myself would be way too nervous about bringing a bag with white trim on a plane, UNLESS you have a carry-on that you could stick it in. Even though they sometimes aren't fussy about you keeping it in your lap, I have been asked to stuff mine under the seat before.:wtf:

    In regards to being undecided about which bag to bring...I have a Timbuk2 Laptop messenger bag that I like to bring as a carry-on on planes in which I have stuffed, inside, my medium Coach Tattersall Tote in its dustbag, with my Bleecker Pocket Flap Hobo in its dustbag put INSIDE of the Tattersall tote...plus the laptop & cords, and a few other small things...and then I will carry another Coach bag besides the messenger bag, for a total of 3 Coach bags (plus small accessories) to choose from on my trip.:nuts: And yes, it all fits under the seat in front of me, as long as it's a decent size jet and not an RJ or Prop.

    So it CAN be done lol!:biggrin:

    Have fun on your vaca!
  6. thats what i was thinking... the lily is heavy, and i would have to carry her every day on my trip...
  7. waht a great idea! i don't know what i timbuk2 is, but I can figure it's a larger bag :supacool:... i ll propably will carry a diaper bag, so i may be able to fit my laptop (it's only 9" big)
  8. Yes, I would definatly avoid that! Do you have any totes, or something sig you can bring?

    Hmm..this could be a good chance to do some SHOPPING!!!!
  9. Lol, I just did my shopping the past few days... I got 4 bags and acessories, i think my dh's patience is used up at this point lol...
  10. Whos says you have to tell him?

    Gosh Im such a bad influence!!
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: :graucho: :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I'm pretty sure he'd notice once I start carrying a new bag, he notices very well... Lol
  12. No heres how you do it..
    "honey is that another new bag?"
    "what this old thing? Hey look those girls are washing cars in bikinis"

    when he turns to look, RUN!
  13. kattykay you are hillarious!!! I m rolling on the floor laughing, word for word :roflmfao::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I'll have to try that! I agree with bringing a big bag and tucking a few bags in.
  15. :roflmfao:

    Coachmommyofmin, this is an example of the Tmbuk2 bag...just basically an indestructible bag that has all kinds of handy compartments for anything that you're carrying...I used it for school and now for my carry-on...

    Mine is a medium and can hold up to a 15" laptop in the padded compartment, if that helps with size reference at all. The Coach tote containing the Bleecker Hobo went in that larger front compartment, and were not squished flat at all:tup:

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