Which would be a Better choice for holiday...

  1. when going to family and friends homes for holiday get togethers (not fancy parties) which do you think would be a better choice of bags (outfits are dress casual - nice jeans and fancy white blouse or black pants and cashmere seater)

    an ivory speedy with a palladium disco ball ( to dress it up for a holiday feeling) - or is ivory not a good winter choice?

    houston in noisette?

    none of these? Are the coices too spring/summer? Most of my other bags are more casual/everyday/large and I'm not feeling anything at the store that is dressier that I want to purchase - (waiting for the trevi).
    Is the disco ball strictly for the younger set?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. I like the idea of the ivory speedy with the disco ball, classy yet fun!
  3. i agree with kissmyace108 - i think it will look good and not really compete with your outfit :smile:
  4. Ivory with disco ball! I love white in the winter :love:
  5. I like the idea of the ivory speedy, walking outside with white fluffy snow..... me likey!!!! hehe
  6. I think the ivory speedy w/disco ball would be perfect. There's nothing wrong with having the ivory in the winter.
  7. I'm gonna agree with everyone else here in recommending the ivory speedy with the disco ball. LOVE the idea of the disco ball on it--VERY festive! :party:
  8. The ivory speedy and the disco ball sounds perfect!
  9. I think i like the speedy with your disco ball.
  10. Wow guys thank you for all the input - that was actually my first choice. (Don't know whatever possesed me to buy the noisette houston - everytime I think I may possibly use it the color strikes me as drab/dead - maybe I'll try to drag it out in the summertime??).
  11. Ivory speedy with disco ball!! That will look really sharp!
  12. I love Ivory in winter and especially during holidays.
    It's a happy holiday color, I guess :smile:
  13. Ivory with disco ball!
  14. Ivory with disco ball sounds cute and festive!! Perfect for holiday parties :smile:
  15. Sounds like I'm just adding to the 100% here, but the ivory is a lovely winter white - v elegant and the disco ball is just the right amount of bling!