Which Work do I get? Pic included!

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    So which on of these Work bags do I buy?? I'm a 6 foot guy, an athletic 170 - the RG looks great and the black is deeper - I was surprised that the classic black was noticeably lighter. If I bought the classic I would want to clip the zipper leather pieces to about 3 inches - has anyone done this?? Am I speaking blasphemy?? If the RG zipper pulls were on the classic it would be a lot easier for me. What should I do?? HELP!!!!
  2. Difficult decision! In your pic, the classic work looks darker. Are you wearing a lot of jewelry? If so, I'd go for the neutral classic RH. If you like it a bit more fashion-forward and elegant, I'd pick the RG. If it's the RH that's a lighter black, I'd hesitate, as I would want a jet black work... A mod pic would help!
  3. My personal favorite is the Classic Work, it's more masculine in my opinion and the one on your picture looks stunning! Good luck with your decision, I'm getting my Classic Work in July, can't wait! :panic:
  4. I have the black Work with mRGGH. The color is also lighter comparing to the Black RH Work. But I wanted rose gold hardware at that time, so I bought it.

    It depends on whether you are fine with the tassels. I have a few bags with RH and sometimes I find the tassels bothering me. So these days I buy ones with mini giant hardware.

    Have you tried them on?
  5. So you think classic work looks masculine enough even with the long zipper tassels?? That's the ONLY thing that gives me pause about the classic work. The SA was like, "oh you can trim those - I know some people that do" - I was thinking "REALLY?!?!"
  6. Lara, yes I tried those two on and I was TRULY torn - the tassels bug me - so maybe I'm answering my own question here - hearing everyone's opinions is a big help!
  7. Go with the mRGGH one. That's best as rose gold hardware is discontinued.

    If it is the RH one, I would not cut the tassels short. It may look weird.

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    I had a (anthracite) Work in classic hardware. Whenever it got too heavy for me to carry, I had my bf carry it for me. And I must say, it looked great on a guy. My bf is almost 6' as well and not the slender type. Here're a couple of photos of him hand carrying it - with the long tassels. What do you think? :smile:
    I think mRGGH maybe a bit too blingy??
    HTH~ ;)

    ps: and I would find other leather puller to replace the long tassels instead of trimming them. I did that for my classic City.
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  9. Thank you SO much for these pics!! Especially the first one is very helpful. And I think you're right - RGH would be too blingy - the classic is the way to go... I'm going to pull the trigger.
  10. I prefer the regular hardware classic one
  11. Definitely not makes it less masculine imo! I love that about the RH, one of the biggest reasons I'm planning on buying it is because of the tassels! They make the bag look motorcyclish. =D

    OMG trim them! I would die haha!
  12. You're welcome! Please post mod pics :smile:
  13. Definitely the RH one. A classic and understated.. The RGGH is blingy and personally the latest production of the rggh is too rose...ish for me....very brassy. I love the colorof the RGGH they put out in 2010/2011.....not 2012.
  14. rh is a little nicer imo