Which Words or Phrases Do You Most Overuse ?

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  1. Which words or phrases do you most overuse ?
  2. "Like I said ..." and "Do you know what I mean?":lol:
  3. "You know?"


  4. I say "exactly" all the time to express agreement. Get made fun of for it.

    I also say "random" to refer to people who are not particularly germaine to my conversation -- ie. "some random asked me if I was going to the party." I like it, but some older people don't know what I'm talking about.

    The two words that I have been trying to expunge from my vocab since the sixth grade, but they still slip out occassionally, are "gay" and "retarded" as pejorative adjectives. I'm a totally sensitive person and KNOW that those words are completely offensive. But I'm around so many young students who use them routinely that I still find them slipping out -- often at embarrassing moments, as when I'm hanging out with my gay guys friends!

    PS. also "um," "you know," and "like"
  5. '"personally"
    "I think"
    "May be"
  6. So and Freakin
  7. On the internet - bump.
  8. "hella" -> I've been working to drop this since HS :shame:
  9. I say "sort of" a lot.
    Especially in business- I'm aware of it and am trying to tone it down:

    "The fabric is in soft of a melon color with sort of a smooth silky quality to it..."
  10. "Seriously" and "Wow" --usually in the same sentence
    (Did she seriously say that? Wow.)
  11. Clearly and actually are my overused words.
  12. Random
  13. my phrase is : I know, right.
  14. I always say we'll see. I use that word quite often.
  15. That's mine too! I also use: Oh my god/goodness and I don't care. I also curse under my breath a lot. It's a bad habit and I am always trying to break it.
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