Which WOCs should I keep?

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  1. Hello fellow Chanel lovers, I would love your advice on which WOCs to let go as I try to pare down to just the bags I really use and to beef up the bag fund for future purchases. Originally I thought I might put aside some of these for my niece, but she is not a bag person (which breaks my heart, but she will be richer in the end!).

    A bit of background - the WOC was a staple of my weekend and travel wardrobes for some time, but in the last couple of years they have rarely come out because I need a larger bag to accommodate my regular stuff _and_ the reading specs that I sadly now require to be able to order food in restaurants. I do love Chanel - I recently bought a 227, which I adore and am using quite a bit, and I have a nice small collection of SLGs. But I also just sold a seasonal flap because I didn’t use it much and it was made a bit redundant by the 227, and also got rid of a red lambskin WOC because I didn’t use it and never really loved the color (didn’t “pop” for me).

    Here’s what I currently have, should I keep any of these “just in case” I change my mind down the road or need a tiny evening bag?

    • Fuchsia quilted lamb 12C - this one is my favorite color of the lot - it's amazingly bright and always made me happy to wear it
    • Navy/marine blue quilted caviar 11A - a great, adaptable color and the one I have used most
    • Black Gomme reissue RHW - I have really loved this too even though it’s taken on a bit of shine as black suede/nubuck tends to do. I purchased it at the Mother Ship in 2012 and have never seen another one like it. Also DH's favorite.
    • Black caviar half moon - purchased from RC with the Reissue - I always felt like this was a lucky “score” because I have never seen one available in any of the NYC boutiques and now I understand it’s discontinued/“rested". But even though it’s bigger than the classics it’s still too small and the big CC isn’t really me anymore.
    • Black lamb quilted - thought I would use this the most, never did
    • Black patent quilted - my first, relegated to rain duty before I stopped using altogether

    Thoughts? Maybe I should keep just the special nubuck reissue? Maybe the fuchsia too? Or maybe let them all go with fond memories. Thanks for any input!
  2. If it were me, I'd keep the one I love the most and the one I use the most - the fuchsia and the navy!
  3. Not a fan of patent.
  4. I say to keep the fuschia, navy, and black gomme reissue - you seem to really love these bags for either color or sentimental purposes, and it seems like they would be very hard to replace if you ever wanted them back! I would sell the other ones and put that money in your bag fund!
  5. After reading the details on each one I think I'd take the first step and cut your WOC collection in half by keeping the first 3 and letting the second half of the list go then if you wanna sell more go ahead and if it makes you realize you wish you hadn't sold any then at least you have the 2 you use most and the one that your husband's favorite :smile: Hope that helps!
  6. i would get rid of the half moon woc (the CC is just too obvious for my taste) and the patent (just not a fan of patent in general). i have three wocs (black quilted caviar, silver chevron caviar, and bright blue lambskin), but i carry very little and used them frequently for errands/travelling etc. but if they are too small for you, i would get rid of half of them. good luck!
  7. Yep start with the last 3. You don't use the lamb at all or patent anymore and you don't like the CC on the half moon. The others you love for color, most used and sentimental reasons, so keep those for now. At least you have your favorite left instead of regretting selling them all. You can decide a bit down the road if any of the others can go if you really just don't use them at all anymore.
  8. I would keep the fuchsia, navy and black reissue....and let the rest go...good luck deciding.
  9. From your statement, I see clearly and would say, keep top 3 WOCs.

    About 4th woc of half-moon ; Personally, half-moon woc has been the most useful travel mini purse in my experience, for the most largest WOC in my WOCS and amazingly a lots of amount fit in it, carefree for caviar, lighter than classic caviar woc, etc, though I agree for large CC seems not cool for some ladies. But it is really useful woc and harder to find now, so i wouldn't let it go if in my case. Yours is from RC in Paris that is also very special. Goodlcuk with your decision! :smile:
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    Just FYI- I consigned my half moon WOC to Fashionphile a few months ago and got almost what I paid because they marked up the price higher than retail as ladies still buy them quickly. Glad you chose what to keep and pass on to another lucky lady:smile:
  11. Hi is there a place where fellow purse bloggers sell their things? I'm too scared to buy on eBay, bought a genuine real fake Gucci bag with receipt! The only thing that made me realise it was fake was the chain on the bag was very fake looking. She gave me my money back in the end but lucky I compared it to another Gucci I had , Otherwise I would have paid good $$ for a fake.
  12. I think that I'd keep the first three: the fuchsia, navy and the black that DH likes -- I would probably get rid of the half moon and the patent first. I LOVE the idea of a black WOC, but if you don't use it, sell it!
  13. If it was me, I would keep the fuchsia and navy, and then sell everything else. It would mean shopping for new bags in colors and larger size that you will wear all the time! :graucho:
  14. I would sell anything if i would never use. GL with your decision!
  15. Don't keep anything for nieces or daughters. Who know what they will like in 20 yrs? I find that I rarely like things that I hold onto hoping I'll love them some day....More often than not, I wonder what I ever liked about it in the first place.....and I end up liking different items. Vintage is hot now, I'd sell whatever you aren't using and move on.