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  1. Hey Chanel lovers....I have an iridescent blue WOC and absolutely love it...I also have a black Hermes Evelyn, the small one....I want another Chanel WOC...Not sure which one...I am really not a colored bag kind of girl and want something that goes with everything. The colors I have posted are a burgundy, and the other 2 are a dark gray...burgundy is lambskin, not sure about the camellia and the other is goatskin ......I love the WOC's and they seem to be my go to bag, small but carries essentials, leaves me hands free and if I want to carry a tote or something else I can just throw it in that bag....thank ya'll so much....

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  2. I love the burgundy and treat it as neutral typically.
  3. Love the burgundy
  4. Like the second one the best. Good luck
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  5. The first one.
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  6. I really like the burgundy. Second choice would be number 3. I thought I would love the camellia woc, but didn’t love it in person at all. Good luck with your decision!
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    3rd one in pic is really good looking WOC and goes with anything for sure in 3 of them IMHO I think the one look like most useful compare to other two - camellia or burgundy which looks pretty but little bit feminine side style and I don't know if you can were very often. I also prefer functional working CC lock on 3rd WOC. However I don't own any of these 3 and all looks pretty. Hope you can decide which one you can wear the most often with your style. GL!
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  8. The red one!
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  9. Third one by far! The construction looks better at a glance and the bag itself has some nice details.
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  10. vote the second one
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  11. Burgundy!
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  12. Burgundy - the most classic ones
  13. 1. burgundy
    2. Boy
    3. camellia
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  14. Burgundy looks the best and will look amazing with many colors and artists of clothing. #1 looks to dressy, and #3 just looks better when it’s a bigger handbag and not a WOC.
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  15. For me, it would be burgundy
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