Which Wins Out? Black Marcelle or Black Claudia?

  1. Hmmm.....decisions decisions...

    Any thoughts on this?
    I've heard the gambit from non lovin' hobo ladies, to those who are allergic to bows....

    I guess it's all in "what you're using it for" or what your "preference" is, but I'm just curious about the general consensus out there....

    Here's beautiful pics of both to confuse more:
    KOOB-WY45_V1-BIG.jpg KOOB-WY45_V2-BIG.jpg KOOB-WY45_V3-BIG.jpg 13321-MagnifySize-Angle.jpg 13321-MagnifySize-Front.jpg
  2. In any other non-metallic color, I would choose the Claudia every time, EXCEPT for the black. In black, I would have to say Marcelle. Very elegant and pretty. The bows add to the allure, whereas in any other color, even metallic, I would have to say that the bows and grommets are a little too much; too precious. Plus, I'm realizing now that I'm more of a hobo (ha!) than a tote. But again, in the black, Marcelle's my choice.
  3. While I have had many a Marcelle and still have three, I have to go with the black Claudia over the black Marcelle. In fact, I adore my black Claudia so much I'm considering getting a second one just in case something ever happens to my first one! :nuts:
  4. I would much rather prefer the Black Marcelle over the Black Claudia
  5. Oh keep the opinions coming! I'm so excited! I love this and I love you guys! :heart: It really helps me to make decisions!!!
  6. I think the Marcelle is more distinctive with the ties, but I could see where the ties wouldn't be to everyone's taste.
  7. Ha Ha Ha. Well, as you know... my bow-phobia forces me to choose the Claudia. :wacko:
  8. I like both bags in black, but the pic with the Marcelle being carried sells that one for me.I love my Claudia, though, so a black version would be really hard to resist. The single handle can't be beat for comfort. (Now, that didn't help much, sorry.)I think there's different plus points for each, so I say buy both!!
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao: I like it!
  10. I'd keep the black Marcelle!:heart:

  11. LOL! I know, it's terrible, isn't it??
  12. Hmmm.... can I be a chicken and say it's a tie? Oh dear, the black Marcelle is beautiful but the hobo style of the Claudia is oh so comfortable and practical. Difficult decision. I don't know, I guess if I could only keep one, it would have to be the black Marcelle, because it would be more difficult to replace if I had seller's remorse.
  13. i have a black Claudia. I love it and still get so many questions about it when I wear it. it's perfect!!!!
  14. And now I have a black Claudia ;)

    I also have her in blush and she is just the most comfortable bag ever. I couldn't resist buying yours!
  15. Well zippity doo dah!!! :yahoo: Glad she's going to a loving home! I'm sure it's not the last time I'll own one!!! :wlae: