Which will you bring home? Epi Ivoire Speedy or Ivoire Jasmin?

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  1. Hello everyone, i'm torn between Epi Ivoire Speedy and Ivoire Jasmin... which will you prefer?:s:girlsigh:
  2. speedy!!
  3. i personally like jasmin better
  4. jasmin
  5. I was thinking about gettin Jasmine so that my vote....I have this thing about colors that are kind of off white-ish...they look like old bags...IMO (not to offend anyone!) Personal preference!
  6. i like the shape of the JASMIN. it looks so pretty.
  7. Speedy for me:smile:
  8. They are both nice, but I bought a Jasmin so that's my pick
  9. Jasmin, it's a more unusual shape and it just looks stunning in ivory.
  10. Speedy!
  11. Speedy
  12. jasmin
  13. I think the jasmin is really cute - you don't see them that often.
  14. Jasmin
  15. Speaking of, my ivoire Speedy 25 is on its way! Speedy gets my vote!:tup: