Which will last me years....?

  1. I'm trying to decide which flap bag to get. Should I buy a black caviar 2.55 with bijoux chain and MM lock 10"x6" or a metallic black reissue 2.66? I was told by the SA at the Singapore chanel that the metallic black leather may peel away after use for a no. of years but I think the 226 size would be ideal for me. What do you guys think? :upsidedown:
  2. I'd get the black caviar if I had to choose between the 2...my all time fave though is the classic black caviar jumbo size with the "old" chain....such a classic!
  3. I would get the 226 (the one you really want). I would hope that such a high quality bag would not peel away after a few years.
  4. I would get the 226 reissue.
  5. They still have the reissue in Singapore? I vote for the caviar flap with bijoux chain, I find matte leather more versatile for both day/night. What are the prices like?
  6. No such luck. All the bags I want are out of stock at the Chanel boutique Singapore. I am taking a risk and buying off eBay. I've been stalking eBay for weeks......
  7. If its the caviar flap, why don't you get it from a departmental store in the US? The reissues are coming next year for S/S08. You could wait it out if you really want one :shrugs:
    Good luck anyways!
  8. Hmmm....now how do I convince my husband that we need to take a trip the US for summer next year?
  9. You could always call for a mail order. Call either the Chanel boutique or NM, Nordstrom, or Saks? They charge somewhere between $40-100 for shipping internationally.
  10. Really...wow! May do that. Thanks Aurora!!! :happydance: