Which white watch do you like better?

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  1. -images-products-ES1967.jpg


    The first one is a fossil. It is under $100. It is bright white plastic.
    The second one is an Invicta. It is $200 It is solid white ceramic.
    I like the "bling" on the fossil, but I like the idea of the ceramic on the other. Both are around 38mm.
  2. i like the invicta~
  3. the invicta
  4. I think I do too. I already have the fossil, but haven't worn it yet so I can return it. That darn Invicta isn't in stock yet though. I just hope it is soon. Thank you so much for your opinions!
  5. Invicta
  6. the invicta looks gorgeous with its snow-whitness ;)
  7. Not only do I like the Invitica better, but I've found Fossil watches are a huge pain to get the battery changed around here. No one wants to do it.
  8. invicta
  9. Invicta, definitely!
  10. invicta...the bezel on the fossil looks cheezy.