Which White MC....You Decide!!!


Which MC?

  1. White Priscilla

  2. White Lodge GM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Okay Ladies another toss up!!! My first MC LV is on the way:yahoo: , I got a Aurelia MM in Black MC, lately I cant help but want a white one too:nuts: ! So is it the

    Priscilla White MC

    Lodge GM White MC

    What do you think? Post pics if you got em' !!!
  2. I like Priscilla better because it's roomier than lodge. Lodge is another shoulder bag for you . I personally will get Priscilla
  3. My vote's for the priscilla
  4. Lodge!!! :biggrin:
  5. Well, does it matter to you whether it's a shoulder bag or hand-held bag? If not then I would say....the priscilla!
  6. Priscilla !
  7. i prefer the Priscilla. it's so pretty! i don't like the Lodge's shape and strap
  8. I'm biased because I have a black Lodge lol
  9. Priscilla!
  10. Another vote for Priscilla!
  11. I don't care for the priscilla, the only reason is that the buckle falls funny on the outside pocket. It looks as if you have to stuff something in the pocket to make the buckle look right. But if you can get past that then go for it!
  12. My vote is for the Priscilla - but, I am biased as I have one in the white mc.:smile:
  13. i'm voting for Priscilla White MC too!
  14. I vote for priscilla too
  15. I like the shape of the priscilla and it looks like it has more room than the lodge.:yes: