Which White MC bag(s) do you like best?

  1. I am digging the Rift right now, but its $$ for such a small bag.
    white MC Rift.jpg
  2. I :heart: the Shirley in white!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. MC Keepall 45

    MC Speedy 30

    MC Alma
  5. I like the speedy and keepal :love:
  6. Speedy and keepall
  7. Audra, Theda and Speedy
  8. Definitely the Shirley, but it's too small for me.
  9. The Shirley is absolutely the cutest one.
  10. Shirley! Shirley in white is just beautiful!

    Yeah boo on the rift, I'd rather just get a Wapity... they look similar(ish) in size.
  11. mine-alma :love:

    also loving the shirley
  12. I love the trouville.
  13. i like...
    the Audra
    the Speedy
    and the Pochette

    i think i like the shirley best in black... :amuse:
  14. The Keepall
  15. the Pochette is my favorite :smile: