Which White GH should i buy? Help?

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Which GH White bag should I buy?

  1. Giant Hobo

  2. GH Day

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  1. Hi i have decided I really want a lovely summery white bag. So I have decided that I would like either a giant hobo or a day bag with GH. I have the giant hobo in aqua and love the style but have never seen the day irl. Ha anyone got a GH day? Is i light to carry as the giant hobo is! TIA
  2. I love the giant day
  3. Love the Day! especially in white. It's going to be one of my upcoming purchases. It looks great with GH, saw one at NM the other day.......beautiful.
  4. I have a giant day, but whether it is light to carry or not I guess I'm not that big of a help. It's my very first bbag and all my other bags are chloé paddingtons so too me its VERY light. But I guess almost all bags are pretty light compared to paddingtons:p
  5. For the White GH, I would like to suggest the CITY. Simply because I feel GH looks better on CITY than on the Hobo or Day. But if you're only considering these two shoulder options, then it's Day.

    Something for you to think about: Since with a hobo or Day you'll be rubbing against it all the time, it could quickly dirty, or pick up colors from your garment! With a City, it'll sometimes be on your shoulders (with the strap), sometimes on your hands, I just feel that it'll wear better over time.

    But all in all, White GH is HOT. I saw the GH Day yesterday at Neiman, all the bright colors looked good with the gold hardware. Very eye-catching!
  6. Day definately
  7. new HOBO. The bag is gorgeous and it's not that heavy. The strap is comfortable too. Love the new Hobo.
  8. i prefer the hobo :yes:
  9. Day
  10. I would say Giant Hobo, but since you have a stunning Aqua Giant Hobo, why not go for the Giant Day?

    They are both amazing, so this way you have one of each!

  11. New hobo! It is darling!
  12. Day :smile: !!!
  13. i vote for the day.
  14. Love the day style. Hobo just looks a bit old fashioned to me.:dothewave:
  15. I opt for the hobo....:balloon: :balloon: