Which white chanel???

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  1. Just wanted opinions on which white Chanel for spring. I am trying to decide between a GST w/ silver hardware and a cerf w/ gold hardware.
    I don't need it for business it's more casual every day wear. ( and travel) So, in terms of Comfort which is important and Looks very important Too!!! what do you guys think????? :confused1:
  2. I'm with you - looking for a new white bag for spring/summer. I prefer the GST with silver HW. The white PST with silver hardware is one of my top three choices right now. It's such a classic bag. Good luck on your choice!
  3. i have the gst with silver hw...love the bag although sometimes the strap falls off my shoulder. i have seen the cerf in white too and must say that bag is beautiful..this is a toughie. good luck with whichever one you choose. i am sure you will be happy with either or.
  4. GST is my favorite.:smile:
  5. Oh a white Chanel would be gorgeous for spring :smile: I would love one myself !

    How do you gals keep your white Chanel items clean? Do you use any waterproofing spray or leather conditioners?
  6. Another vote for the GST.
  7. I think that silver hardvare looks amazing on white bags :smile:
  8. GST definitely!! Medallion Tote would be nice too.