I can't tell from that auction. . . is it caviar?
If it's caviar I think it's great:yes:. I'd only buy a pure white Chanel in caviar or possibly distressed calfskin.
its a pretty bag, but like Swanky, I would really only trust a white bag in caviar leather. There are a couple of gorgeous white caviar chanels (other than the white coco cabas which i am not sure is actually caviar but it is so stunning it could be made of braided hemp and would probably still be as sought after :yes: ) the first one i saw is a white caviar, slouchy and shaped like a crescent moon, with an antiqued silver dangling CC and antiqued silver chain embedded into the shoulder strap, $1,725. The other one my friend bought, white distressed lambskin shoulder strap tote, CC embroidered on front in big letters, the word Chanel on the top of each shoulder strap leather part. $1,650. This one looks kinda like the LV Noe, that feedbag look. Its stunning. Both are nice and big, but "normal" big, not like the Cabas silver whale i returned lol
good luck and may you get the right one for you!
i went to chanel boutique this morning and bought a white grained calfskin flap bag...there was this other white caviar looking hoboish bag but sa said it wasnt caviar...i was standing there for awhile cuz i couldnt decide but at the end i just decided to get the one i've been wanting which is the white grained calfskin flap bag. ohhh i got a cute earrings...ill post pix later when i get home~~