Which white bag?

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  1. You guys are so great at giving me advice I thought I would ask again:biggrin: !! I am dying for the perfect S/S white bag and am thinking about the following
    1. Large Gucci horsebit hobo(offwhite)
    2. Large YSL muse
    3. Goucho tote-I am on a wait list

    What do you think? The gaucho may be kinda trendy but it is so CUTE!! I could get the muse in black and carry year round...Any other options? Maybe something less expensive since I can only carry white for a short time??
  2. It is tied between the Gucci and the YSL for me. Sorry, I am no help! I just think that both bags are so timeless and classy. You can not go wrong. I do like the Gaucho, but totally different look.
  3. PGN, i'd go for the gucci-i love the style, very spacious and love the softness of the off-white color
  4. even though i'm not a dior fan, i actually like the gaucho, so that would be my first choice.
  5. Oh wow, such very different bags! Prefer the Gucci and Gaucho personally. I think the Gaucho will be a little more difficult to take care of though.
  6. If you want a casual bag I'd go with the gaucho. I'd also consider a white Balenciaga (Twiggy or City). If you want a "dressier" style I'd go with the YSL muse. If you don't want to invest that kind of money in a white bag take a look at Via Spiga, Michael Kors, Furla. They have some nice bags that won't break the bank.
  7. I love the Horsebit... just a gorgeous bag. That doesn't change the fact that I love the Gaucho still though!!!
  8. I love the YSL Muse....it's beautiful.
  9. I'd do the gucci. and get the muse in black (that was a great idea)!!