Which white bag would you choose?

  1. Well, Ive got my Christmas $ and my B-day $ so I am going to do a little purse shopping and since I don't have nay great stors in my state, I must order on-line so i would love to get everyone's opinions before i do!

    I have never considered a white bag before, but they seem so hot for Spring & Summer this year and are so cute that i think I may need to get one.

    First, do you think that white abags will be around the next Spring Summer seasons too or just a trend this year? Second which do you like the best.

    Bulga in Oyster, Botkier in Pearl w/ silver or Botkier in white w/gold. ( I really wish that the Botkier came in pearl with gold!)
    Bulga oyster.jpg Botkier Pearl.jpg Botkier white.jpg
  2. i'd say the second one.
  3. i'm a girl who needs big roomy bags, and that bulga bag seems like a great size. and not to mention the color is beautiful. my only concern would be keeping it clean. but i would definitely choose that one!
  4. I am concerned about keeping it clean, has anyone had a white bag before and how does it hold up? I have had a cream D&B for 10 years and it is still in great shape.

    Here are the dimension of the bags as the pictures can be a little misleading on size. Bulga is 16" x 18" x 1" and the Botkiers are 15.5" x 8.5" x 2.5". Also I am 5'4" but unfortunatley not a thin gal.
  5. i'd say the second beacuse the shape is better than the one of the first and beacuse it is a nice pearl colour which is not very common.
  6. I think white leather bags are beautiful, but if you are concerned about trendiness I think all three of those white bags look much too trendy.
  7. I'd go with the Botkier in Pearl if you're looking for the bag with the most "staying power." I tend to not like pure white bags (prefer ivory or cream) as I still tend to associate stark white bags (and shoes) with retirees in Palm Springs. :P
  8. I love that Kooba Lucy as well!! Definitely check that out. Oh and I prefer the Bulga
  9. Wow the second one is hot. I'd get that one.
  10. Funny commment!

    As far as the bags go, I like the second one...it seems likema warmer white. I also like Pseub Kooba suggestion.
  11. I like the second one too! And don't worry, they'll always be cream/white bags in summer! Definitely not just a trend.
  12. go for the pearl botkier!
  13. i LUV the peal botkier =)