Which white bag to pick? Celine, Tod's, Chanel, LV or HERMES!?


Which white bag should I splurge on this ummer?

  1. Large Celine Bittersweet Hobo

  2. Tod's T bad Medium

  3. LV azur Saleya MM

  4. Chanel Baby Cabas

  5. Hermes Picotine, of course!

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  1. Help me pick a white bag! After prodigious research, I narrowed my choices to these five:

    Celine Bittersweet Large bag - 1600$ something

    Tod's T bag medium (in white) - 1230$

    LV Azur Saleya MM

    Baby Chanel Coco Cabas - 1945 $

    Hermes Picotine MM in white - around 1500$

    So, tell me you preference!
  2. pics please =]
  3. photos from eluxury
    and courtusy of whistlerchic
    celine bittersweet large bag.jpg tods t bag media 1350.jpg Azur%20Saleya%20MM.JPG
  4. for me it is between the bittersweet and the saleya - I love Celine and that is a super versatile bag. but as you can see I also love the azur... if I went by shape, definitely the Celine - not crazy about saleya personally.

    not crazy about tods bags, and would have to see pics for the others.
  5. photos from eBay
    Sorry, couldn't find picotin in white :confused1:
    picotin mm.jpg baby cabas.jpg
  6. ok here goes based on pics - tods and hermes definite no from my end. the rest whichever feels the most comfy for you - i.e. either Celine or LV or chanel.
    if it was me having to choose: Celine Bittersweet - bec the damier azur will be around next year, the Celine is leather and has a gorgeous shine to eat, and i am not sure if it is in the permanent collection. as for the Chanel: it is nice but i don't have to have it, kwim?
  7. Yeah, Chanel is my least realistic option, since the price increase, it's quite expensive. Plus, it's impossible to get... But I added it in case someone rich & generous comes along :rolleyes:
    I like Celine a lot, and Tod's too. It's the kind of brands that provide quality but not a whole lot of people buy the same bag.
    LV I like just because it's durable, easy to clean and least expensive.
  8. either the baby cabas, or azur saleya..

    I vote cabas, but i might be biased :p
  9. I'm more of a shoulder bag girl so my vote would be for the gorgeous Celine.
  10. the celine, leather is beautiful, its light, straps comfortable, I have a celine from fall season and the interior organization in great with lots of compartments
  11. I wanted the T-bag but ended up getting a Bal instead. i like the cabs best so that's my vote.
  12. Large Celine Bittersweet Hobo
  13. I think the chanel one is beautiful but it's so expensive. However, if you love it and can afford it then go for the Chanel one. My second choice would be the Celine bag. Forget about the Tod's and Hermes bag. I don't think they're worth spending that much money on.
  14. In that case I like Celine more! Beautiful bag!
  15. I go with either saleya, bittersweet or baby cabas. I think I tend to like baby cabas most.