Which WHISTLE bag do you think is better?

  1. I am debating on going back to Nordies Rack and get one of the whistle bags if they have any left.
    Which of these 2 bags do you Balenciaga experts think looks best? I don't have a clue with these styles and I just bought my first Balenciaga the other day so I need some expert advice. Also, are these bags really hard to maintain?

    The first bag is like red bag below. The bag I saw comes in black and navy, which color is best?

    The second bag is exactly like the large black whistle below and I like the size more, but the smaller whistle bag has more detail, like the brass/bronze hardware (vs silver on the large whistle), and like a croc (not sure) leather accent.

    Plus is it really worth to get another bag (really good price at $599) when I just got one yesterday? Pls help me decide and justify this purchase.
    bbagsmallwhistle.jpg bbaglargewhistle.jpg
  2. i like the black one more but that is only because i am not a red bag kind of person. they are both pretty though. go for the one you think you would use more. good luck on your decision!
  3. Oh, the red bag pictured is just the same style, but the bags I saw comes in black and navy. Plus this smaller style bag has a higher price tag, because of the croc leather trim I guess. S

    o you think the large whistle is still the better style since it is bigger?
  4. I like the black one better myself.
  5. I prefer bigger bags and the croc trim doesn't really do much for me at all. I pick the bigger size, in the black color. I need bigger bags because I carry a lot with me. The whistle is a great style! You are asking the wrong crowd if it's wrong to buy another bag, girl! =) Of course we're going to encourage you to buy another one...and another one! Haha! Good luck with your choices!
  6. i like the black!! it has a very classic feel to it!!
  7. If it isn't absolute LOVE then skip it even though it's on sale!!! I do like the black one in the second pic better but $600. is a lot of money if you're not in love.
  8. Zacorey, you are totally my ANGEL right now... Help me stop myself... If it helps, the black whistle bag was my first choice until I saw the partition bag. Now I am having serious second thoughts about passing on that bag which is sorta classic Balenciaga style right? Sorry, trying hard here to convince you too...:yes: I don't want to regret this later on...
  9. ^^^ LOL!!!!! Why don't you go back and look at it again. Can you return it if you don't like it?
  10. For some reason I think that the croc trim makes the red bag look a bit 'cheap'. Maybe it is because it is so bright red and therefore doesn't need extra detail too. I like the black bag a lot.
  11. That's another thing, it is final sale, can't return/exchange it. I figure I can sell it also.
  12. Oooh, I just found out it is ostrich leather trim, if that makes any difference. The actual bag on sale is black and looks better IRL compared to that red in the pic.

    Thanks for all your comments!
  13. I thought that ostrich tended to have little dots on it but I am really ignorant about exotic leathers. I am keen to get a red bag of a different style, so am not against red in general, but I still like the black one best out of these two.
  14. You know you are right, ostrich does have dots huh? the website I saw the description must be wrong. This must be really croc leather.
  15. Ok, on my lunch hour, I went back to Nordies rack... and I couldn't stop myself... this must be really a sign because the black small whistle is still there... so... I GOT IT!!! Oh no, my hubby won't be happy... but I AM! This is the bag that is the same style as the red bag pictured above. Price tag is $2055 (large one is $1285)! I chose this over the large black whistle pictured above because I liked carrying this better than the other one, plus this has a lot more detailing, like the croc leather, the rosegold (not sure what color it is) hardware and the metal studs, really cute. The leather is softer than the big whistle too. Not sure what kind of leather this is, guessing lambskin?
    BalenciagaWhistle1.JPG BalenciagaWhistle3.JPG BalenciagaWhistle2.JPG BalenciagaWhistle4.JPG BalenciagaWhistle5.JPG