Which Weekender should I choose?


Which colour Weekender RH would you choose?

  1. Tabac

  2. Vert D'Eau

  3. 06 Rouille

  4. 06 Sapin

  5. 06 Marron

  6. Cafe

  7. Anthracite

  8. Vert Fonce

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  1. I have a choice of a few colours of Weekender's (all with RH). Here they are:

    Tabac, Vert Fonce, Vert Deau, Café, Anthracite, 06 Sapin, 06 Marron, 06 Rouille

    I have never owned a brown bag, but I love the look of the Camel / Caramel Weekender's.

    Then again, as I will be using this as a gym bag and occasionally as carry on luggage, perhaps I should get a fun colour like the new BG Pink or Vert D'Eau?

    Here are the choices of Weekender colours I can get now. Which should I choose?

    Tabac is the closest to a light Camel colour I can get BTW...

    Would anyone recommend a Vert D'Eau Weekender? I have never seen this colour IRL, but I love Seafoam, Pistachio & 04 Turquoise...I do love the 07 leathers...Any pics of a Vert D'Eau broken in?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Vert D'eau!
    (but for practical purposes, I'd go with something more stain-resistant)
  3. Definitely Sienna!!!!

    I have a Sienna Work that I adore to death....I'd LOVE to get it in the WE at some point!:heart:
  4. I love Vert d' eau, but if you are going to travel w it; probably will get some stains~I have a Sienna city and love it...great (lighter) brown vintage-y color that you can wear in winter months or in summer.
  5. I voted Anthracite, it's dark, it's chameleon like, it's beautiful, and I think that if I had the choice between all of them, I would pick Anthracite.
  6. I'd go with Sapin or Marron - they should be dark enough to not show stains but still show color. I think Rouille would look great in a WE but you have to love the color:smile:
  7. Sapin or Vert Fonce.:tup:
  8. I'm going to say Vert Fonce! I saw it IRL and it was beautiful and smooshy! Would be very drapey in no-time, and the color is rich and beautiful.
  9. I have a Vert D'eau First... and I loooove her. I can take a broken-in pic for you, if you'd like. However, I wouldn't rec' this color for a weekender that's going to be used as a gym bag and carry-on; it would get terribly dirty.
  10. I'd get vert fonce, sapin or anthracite - all would age well and not get too dirty. Or maybe whichever one's your fave color.
  11. I voted anthracite........go figure. It's still one of my favorites.
  12. Another for Anthracite :tup:
  13. definitely tobacco!! i love this color IRL and isn't overwhelming on a big bag. my second choice is vert d'eau (i was tempted myself by the good deal at susan's!) but i'm not too sure if it's practical as a big bag??

    looking forward to modeling pictures when you get your new bag!!
  14. Cafe, Anthracite, or Vert Fonce- I like the big bags in darker, neutral colors. Plus, I'm still drooling over karenab's black weekender. Can't wait to see what you choose!
  15. I voted 06 Rouille

    I am starting to love this colour more and more, and I think it would look awsome in the WE style.