Which wedding band should I choose - ordering tomorrow!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am having a hard time choosing which wedding band we should order. The store that I am purchasing the band from is running a discount/promotion because of the trunk show today...so, the price they quoted us is only good until tomorrow. After that, the bands increase significantly.

    Here's a picture of the bands that I am considering:

  2. I am attaching a picture of my ering...

    I do realize that the band will not sit flush with my ering and I am perfectly fine with that. I want to be able to wear my band without my ering, and I kind of like the mismatch. Both rings are really thin (under 2mm) and delicate in person, so they are perfect for my short fingers.
    Picture 337.jpg
  3. Suli your e-ring is gorgeous, you got tiny lil' fingers lucky gal~! Both wedding bands are gorgeous... so hard to choose.. I kinda like the 2nd one with the baby blue combo... is it a possibility to purchase both and wear the 2 wedding bands as one since you're not going to wear the e-ring with it? (just a thought..hehe :graucho:) gOod luck~!
  4. first one, I like the darker stones and the round stones compliment the round shape of your engagement ring (which by the way, is PERFECT, my ideal ring :love:)
  5. oogiewoogie - That was the original thought my FI and I had - to purchase both rings. However, the bands are in 18K white gold, but my ering is platinum. I've been told that it's not a good idea to wear gold and platinum together since platinum is a harder medal and over time, can eat away at gold (from the rings rubbing together) since gold is a softer metal.

    We asked for the price for the bands in platinum, and it is quite dramatic - the platinum band costs twice the 18K white gold ring. So, I've decided that I want only one of the bands...and will strongly hint that whichever band I don't choose would make a really wonderful anniversary present...hehe :graucho:.

    Oh...the stones in the second one are actually as dark as the first band...for some reason, they show up light blue from the designer's website. The stones will be a darker sapphire.
  6. I like the first one better - I like those 2 shapes together better - more contrasting. Either way, you can't go wrong - gorgeous!
  7. First band!
  8. Geez, I really like both of them, I can see why you are having a difficult time deciding! I like the second one better...I think.
  9. The first one Suli girl.:tup:
  10. first :yes:
  11. I love the 2nd one!:tup: Which store is this? I'm thinking about getting one myself! Would you please post the store name & contact info? Who's the designer? How much is it and how do you refer to it (item no etc)? Thanks!
  12. The first one!
  13. First one!
  14. The first! Something looks sort of crooked about the second one. I guess it's just the angles of the stone. I'm sure they are both gorgeous in person.
  15. First one!