Which way would you go with this?

  1. Although I'm still lusting after the soho flap....and some of the new stuff coming out, and though I can't afford anything new for a bit, I do need some advice. I think I'm really wanting to get either an Ali, a shoulder bag, or a hippie with a matching wallet. I'd like to get the bag in either black leather or khaki/ebony signature and the wallet the opposite. So if I got the bag in leather, the wallet in signature or vice versa. But I don't know which way to go!:confused1:

    Just for reference, I don't own any signature pieces yet. I wonder if I will feel that signature is too "young" for me (I'm 36-I know, I'm ridiculous) or if I will feel like a walking Coach advertisement. No offense to those who carry signature, I love it when I see others carrying it just not sure if I can pull it off, ya' know?

  2. I carry alot of signature...it's what makes me smile...everyone is different. I don't feel like a walking advertisment...but I do feel 'weird' when I open my signature bag and find a siggy wallet and a siggy wristlet and a siggy makup case and a siggy sunglass case...I gotta break it up a bit!

    I like your idea getting opposites (leather/siggy) that still compliment each other. Very classy. And you know I love all three bags you listed (ali, hippy, shoulder).

    my brother, who calls me the queen coach wh*re, even said my khaki/ebony shoulder bag is the classiest bag I own.

    don't feel you are too 'mature' for signature pieces..my mother is in her mid 50's and just bought her FIRST signature coach bag...a khaki mini-sig with white trim. She feels so glam! gotta love her!

    did I help, or just ramble alot?
  3. Lol, no you didn't ramble. Definitely helped. Still not sure which way I'll go yet....decisions, decisions! Ah well, I guess it doesn't matter yet anyway.
  4. I am 51 and I love the sig Carly so I am wondering the same thing. I feel that you are definitely young enough to carry the sig for a long time, but at what age is too old? That is my question? I would do the sig back and leather wallet. Everyone seems to love the khaki/ebony signature .
  5. I like sig, but i love the leather more. When I buy sig pieces I went for the dark colors first (black & dark brown) they are beautiful and look rich. I got my first light piece (I think) when i brought my first eBay purchases.

    That's it...what about a Sig All Dark Brown or Black Bag?
  6. That would be ok. I think right now I'm just looking at these specific bags and I really do love the khaki/ebony combo. But if I do end up going leather and sig accessories then your suggestion is definitely the way to go for my first signature bag. :yes: Thanks!
  7. I'm 33 soon to be 34 and I carry signature all the time.
  8. There's nothing wrong with carrying signature at any age, but I'm loving leather now and I would do the leather bag with a signature wallet.
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm definitely leaning toward getting the shoulder bag in black with a khaki/ebony wallet. I figure I can always get a khaki/ebony flap bag or zipper pouch if I still really want something.

    I checked these out in leather in the store yesterday and I really like the look although the leather is a big thinner than I expected. But I am spoiled by the old Coach leather, lol.
  10. Nothing wrong with carrying signature =)
    I agree with the shoulder bag with a sig wallet.
    It will look awesome.