Which way is the right way...

  1. for the toilet paper to hang?

    New sheet facing you (coming from the front) or new sheet facing the wall (coming from the back)???

    ...Bart and I had a fight over this last night, lol
  2. new sheet facing u!!! i hate it when it goes backwards!
  3. Yep, the paper should come over the top towards you - according to me. I actually have a little OCD about that and if I'm at someone's house will change their roll around.
  4. I'm with all of you...New sheet facing you. Cal, I do the same thing :smile:
  5. Yes, waterfall is correct.

    But if there is a cat in the house, sheets should disperse from behind.
  6. ditto
  7. Facing you, the other way is not only wrong, but annoying ;)
  8. I'm so happy I've found like-minded people here :biggrin: . I'm a bit obsessed with this too, it has to fall from the front.
  9. Fall from the back - I also have a cat though:yes:
  10. Fall from the back with me, the other way bothers me. LOL!
  11. I totally agree!! When anyone in my house puts it on the wrong way, I change it! :shame:
  12. Facing you. It really bothers me the other way around!
  13. comin' at you!
  14. This is hysterical - I had never thought nor cared about it, but my hubby gets annoyed if it's not facing out. I thought that was a peculiar "quirk" of his, guess I'm wrong!
  15. Absolutely facing you. I get bugged by this as well, sometimes DH puts it in the 'wrong' way!