Which watch?

  1. I need your opinion. I'm in the market for a watch but not too sure about which one to pick. I'm kinda leaning towards either a Bedat & Co or Cartier watch. Anybody have any of these brand of watches? I just want to know the quality and which one is worth buying. Thanks
  2. I have 2 Cartier watches - and I love them :heart:

    IMO you can never go wrong with a Cartier.

    Besides that I have a Chopard - it's lovely too.
  3. Cartier!:yes:
  4. Cartier!:love:
  5. Cartier! :heart:
  6. definitely cartier!! either tanks or santos :rolleyes:
  7. Another vote for Cartier :yes:
  8. cartier. CLASSIC
  9. The only watch I ever wear is Omega
  10. Cartier tank. Such a classic. I have couple of nice watches but always seem to go right for the Cartier.
  11. Cartier -- Timeless! Always classic, always elegant.
  12. Another vote for Cartier!
  13. Actually I prefer Rolex, they are always very reliable and hold their value very well... but Cartier is a close second!
  14. Between your 2 choices, definitely a Cartier ... a tank francaise, my absolute favorite!
  15. i own rolex and i love it but next watch i will get is cartier so i say CARTIER~~