Which watch?

  1. Well, Shopmom's at it again. Only THIS time it's not a bag! (Well, it WOULD be a bag but I'm on a bag hiatus for awhile...so....no bags) I've been thinking about replacing my stainless steel blah watch with something.....Hermes. And....I'd love your opinions.

    Dreamy and totaly to die for,"Tandem"?
    Dreamy and totaly to die for, "H-Hour" not in SS but in SS w/leather strap.


  2. I think you already know I'm totally partial the H-Hour watch with the Vert Anis Croc strap...actually any croc strap would just be gorgeous!:P
  3. H-Our all the way. Vert Anis croc strap? Holy Mother!!!!!
  4. LOL! I know, Orchids! But then I went to NM and saw the Tandem!

    GT....YEP! Vert Anis Croc! It was TDF! Really!

    OK, here are the two in question (only you have to imagine the H-Hour with vert anis croc strap....)
  5. Holy Mother! I need a manicure....BAD!!!!!
  6. I love the cape cod ? but if you are going with either of thise two gorge watchs i would go for the H WITH ANY STRAP THAT TOOK YOUR FANCY....
  7. H Hour For Sure!!!!
  8. H hour definitely. i have a H watch yellow gold with diamonds with cognac croc strap. that watch alone earned me a few points to garner a bunch of birkins in a few months from our local hermes store!
  9. Welsome pazt!!! Glad you have arrived. Have fun on the forum and can you post picture of your watch if you feel comfortable doing so? (Bags too...we would love to see them)
  10. WOW! Welcome, Pazt! This is a FUN place to be and you'll make lots of Hermes friends here!

    Have to admit to leaning toward the H-Hour and would LOVE to see yours if you feel comfy enough to post it....and any bags too. We are GLUTTONS for bag pics here!!!!
  11. am still figuring out how to upload pics......sorry guys. i would love to share my babies!
  12. here it is...got it christmas gift 2004 from the hubs.

  13. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww .......WHO NEEDS A CAPE COD ........!!!!!!
  14. Thud! .........Shopmom is DOWN! :sos: :sos: :sos:

    Bloody thundering Jesus!

    ...gotta catch my breath......
  15. Pazt....now THAT'S a WATCH!!!! What a BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!

    ....and I'm wondering about stainless steel vs. leather!