Which watch?

  1. Im stuck between 3 watches.. Please help!!!

    Rolex Datejust

    Cartier Tank

    Breitling Cockpit with diamond dial

    I would be wearing this watch as an everyday/evening watch and I am 25 years old if that helps
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  2. The breitling has diamonds so I'd go with that LOL. If not, I have the Cartier Tank and I have to say its a great watch. Its so comfortable to wear too. Its a timeless classic so you cant go wrong. Its kind of hard for someone to pick for you. Basically, which one makes your heart pitter patter when you look at it and go with that one!
  3. I think the Tank is feminine and the Brietling is dressier. Personally I'd go with the Tank.
  4. Well I love the clasicness (if thats a word, lol) of the Tank, It will never be old news and will always be a good choice I think.. The brietling is bigger with diamonds so it would get more attantion but I may get sick of it eventually (heavy and clunky) and the bracelet on the brietling doesnt thrill me to death. However the small tank seems a bit small for me but it wouldnt get in my way like the brietling would. Im so confused!!! LoL
  5. FYI the Tank comes in three or four sizes.
  6. The Cartier!
  7. The rolex would great!x
  8. Tank fo sho. :smile: I love mine, and as you mentioned, it will always be classy and in style. Get a truly classic, beautiful, timeless watch first, then start looking for more trendy pieces. :tup:
  9. I vote for Cartier.
  10. Tank!
  11. Hmmmm....I'ld say Rolex!
  12. I vote for rolex, a durable watch with good value!!
  13. i prefer Rolex Datejust
  14. The Cartier!!
  15. I've gotten bored to tears with my own Rolex, so I'm voting for the Tank:tup: