which watch would you choose

  1. a Michele diamond or a Philip Stein retangler? Which one do you like best and why?? Thanks much;)
  2. I'm a huge fan of the Michele brand.
  3. I like the Michele Diamond watches better.
  4. I have both the diamond Michele and the diamond Philip Stein. I like them both equally but the diamonds are larger on the Philip Stein. The diamonds on the Michele are really just chips whereas the PS's diamonds are full-cut. I think you can't go wrong with either!
  5. I would say Michele. There are also many other watch choices out there in that price range such as Concord, Longines. Between the two you mentioned however, I would choose the Michele.

  6. I say go for the Philip Stein! I really don't like the Michele, I think it is a fad watch.
  7. I like Michele watches, especially the CSX diamond.
  8. which diamond philip stein do you have?
  9. I have both, can't go wrong with either one. goodluck
  10. I love Michele watches!
  11. Michele Diamond
  12. Philip Stein:smile:
  13. I have Piaget & Chopard and many.