Which watch would you choose? Bulova or Seiko.

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    I'm looking for a fun watch, I dress pretty conservatively and don't tend to follow trends, but I want something fun that can go casual or somewhat dressy (for work). My criteria is: black with yellow or rose gold accents, a large "boyfriend" size, chronograph style, decent quality, and looking to keep it under $425 if possible. I have narrowed it down to these 2. Both are men's watches, quartz, and are about the same price.

    First is a Seiko Titanium chrono. Polished black metal band with yellow gold-toned accents.

    Next is a Bulova Marine Star chrono, black rubber band (swappable to leather) with rose gold accents.

    I think both would go great with both casual and dressy outfits. Would love to hear your experiences with Bulova or Seiko watches.
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    I'd definitely go with the Seiko. The lines are much cleaner and I love the way the polished black metal offsets the YG. With that pop of gold AND all the roman numerals and symbols on the dial, I think the Bulova is too busy. And my opinion only, but I'm a big fan of rubber straps with the gold.

    And as far as quality, my dad had a Seiko that ran for over 15 years until he misplaced it. Within the watch world, Seiko is one of the few low priced brands that is well respected (they also make the Grand Seiko). It's more known for techincal watch making than Bulova even though they both have long company histories.

    Hope that helps and good luck choosing!
  3. I like the Seiko better as well.

    chinadoll - what is YG?
  4. Yellow gold :smile:
  5. Bulova Marine Star - it is gorgeous...
  6. Have you seen them in person? By the pics, I like the Seiko better, however I have a Bulova that I love!
  7. I've seen the Seiko in person, I don't like it . i actually wanted to get the second one in Bulova for my boyfriend, its GORGEOUS in person. Completely worth it and the rose gold is amazing
  8. Humm. I am a sucker for rose gold and a diehard Bulova fan, but in this instance I am going to have to vote for the Seiko. I've never been a huge fan of the Marine Star, and I personally cannot stand rubber or leather bands. I don't think they look as polished as the bracelet does and you're prone to sweat underneath rubber/leather - yuck!

    Seiko! Seiko! Seiko! :nuts:
  9. i prefer Seiko.
  10. I love that Bulova!
  11. I vote for Seiko.
  12. Seiko

    I just bought a mens seiko at Macy's for $99 that I plan to wear myself too
  13. Thanks for the input, ladies! I'm still torn - I think I'm going to just tell my husband ("Santa") to just pick 1 out of the two and surprise me. I like them both so much!
  14. I like the Seiko better! :tup:
  15. Well after a trip to the mall last night and trying both watches on - I am still torn, but leaning towards the Bulova. It is fantastic in person! I still like the Seiko and it is a bit more dressy. Hmm... decisions, decisions!